holiday stillness

Despite the usual pops, cracks and shrill whistles that encompass Independence Day, our holiday was exceptionally quiet. It was almost like Christmas Day in our neighborhood, still and devoid of people--it was kind of weird, but nice.
Granted, you did hear firecrackers going off periodically throughout the night, but it seemed like everyone but us was out of town this weekend.

We enjoyed the day together, cooking out on the grill (tuna steaks and grilled corn, yum!) and playing in the kiddie pool. We lit a few sparklers for Soren, which made him smile. Of course it was carefully supervised.
There's a big Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Festival going on in our town this week, where they have old-fashioned 4th of July parades and activities, but it was in the 90s yesterday and we didn't feel like paying the $12 fee to get in. Plus the festival closes at 6pm, and there weren't any fireworks in the evening.
With a 2 year old who crashes in bed early, we decided not to hit any of the local fireworks shows. But the sparklers were still magical for him.

How was your 4th?


•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Ours was pretty uneventful, mildly depressing {just for me} actually LOL.

Until dinnertime. Mat took over the kitchen and made the three of us dinner. Then we loaded up pillows and blankets {it was pretty chilly} and headed to our city's fireworks display near the navy base.

Of course Charlie was up WAY past her bedtime already by the time they got started, but she had fun - kept calling them bubbles :) She even put her hands up into the air as if she was popping them.

Glad you had a good 4th!

Ammie said...

You look beautiful, every one of you. I'm so glad your two year old enjoyed the sparklers. :)

laura said...

My daughter was plenty awake for the fireworks at 9:45 here. We took her to see the official ones, but there were so many people for miles around where they set them off, that there wasn't really anywhere left for us to go.
It wasn't a big deal.. we saw more being set off by different people in their backyards (and the middle of the street- so safe I'm sure) standing in our driveway and as we drove through the city to get there.
She was calling the fireworks bubbles too(re:comment above mine). And "ooo"ing and pointing at each one.

Gem said...

We had a 4th of july get together for lunch at our place, dinner w/our neighbors, then fireworks (sparklers) w/friends. didn't catch any big fireworks shows this year. unlike the mainland, fireworks are not too big on the 4th in Hawaii. but on new year's eve, that's when the whole island is pretty much covered in smoke--fireworks just non stop. it's crazy...

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We put JDaniel to bed and watched fireworks on T.V.

Muthering Heights said...

That sounds nice and relaxing! :)

We actually took our kids to the fireworks...and they didn't have fun! Next year, we'll probably just put them to bed, as we usually do! :P

TheEclecticElement said...

That first picture has me just giggling at his little cheesy grin xD

It sounds like you all had a wonderful time despite not going out to any shows!

We didn't do anything here except watch the local firework show on television which was good enough for us :)

Happy Belated 4th of July!

JamericanSpice said...

Sounds like you had a very nice 4th without all the complications :)

We stayed home, made dinner, then drove 20 mins to go see the fireworks display which the kids loved.

Then to a diner for dessert. So in all we only spent $20 without all the complications :)

I should try sparklers sometime.

Naomi said...

our fireworks were cancelled due to rain but we did sparklers. will post some pics soon!

Condo Blues said...

I ate my self silly all weekend. My husband's family had a family reunion in a small rural town. We were treated to the Fourth of July (complete with tractors) parade right in front of the house!

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