July 20, 2023

Lunchtime Ramblings

I'm not a meal-planner, despite my wishes to be otherwise. Like most things in my life, cooking is done spur of the moment. I generally whip up lunch mentally while standing in front of the pantry. I credit my years of cooking experience to allow me to be creative when coming up with something to make from quinoa, canned beans and a jar of roasted tomatoes.
But this is not to say that cooking is not stressful, in fact most meals it is so. Yes, this falafel pita that I had for lunch today looks delicious (leftovers, people!)
however this was thrown together after getting home from a movie theater and trying to get Soren fed before naptime. (Side note: we went to see Shrek, which was part of our local theater's free summer movies series for kids. This was Soren's first movie, both theater and otherwise. He did ok, but after about a half an hour he asked to go home.)

Back to the kitchen. Sometimes I rely on whiny Caillou to keep Soren busy, but many times he's just knocking about underfoot with his cars. Occasionally he wants to help, other times he just wants to eat. Now! Though he won't eat this
Don't you love summer and fresh zucchini, corn, tomatoes and basil?
or falafel or much of anything that we eat, despite mild coercing and all those tricks. PB&J, noodles, quesadillas, fruit. That's about the extent of what he likes.

Back to the falafel. In case you're in the mood for it and live way too far from a city where you can get the best falafel fix from a metal food cart, I stumbled upon a great recipe for tzatziki yogurt sauce. It tastes just like the sauce on falafel sandwiches that I've gotten in The Village. Though I modified it (of course, I'm always doing that) by adding cumin, coriander and cilantro.

Since I'm rambling about cooking, I thought I'd introduce you to my new kitchen BFF
I squeal-fully won this Santoku knife over at La Fuji Mama, one of my favorite cooking blogs, and it has made my chopping and slicing experience so great. This knife just feels so good in my hands, unlike the cheapie chef's knife that I was prone to not using in lieu of more manageable paring knifes. Yes, I used to cut most veggies with a paring knife until this one showed up.
I love the fusionwood handle too, so pretty! Though I feel a bit underqualified when using this knife compared to fancy chefs and food bloggers, I'm in love with this incarnation of wood and steel.

What is your favorite knife or cooking tool?


  1. The handles are gorgeous on those. I have some German knives but I can't think which brand now. They were expensive, that I remember.

    Your food looks so fresh and delicious.

  2. Oooo, yum! Your lunches look amazing!!

    My kids like to eat the same thing every day for lunch. They're more flexible at dinner time; odd, but it makes my life easier, LOL!

  3. Falafel is so yummy!! Can I brag for just a moment that I ate the best falafel pita when I was on a trip to Israel in college? Your veggie sandwich looks delish as well! I think I might need a grill like yours. :)

  4. All of that looks sooo good. I bought falafels from costco one day and had to ask people on twitter how to eat it. I didn't really care for it, but it's probably because I didn't have the right kind of sauce for it =).


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