Weekend Contest Love 7/24

Soren and I are spending time at the Delaware National Seashore this weekend on an impromptu trip with my brother and sister-in-law which was on, then off again, then on-again more times than I could count. Mr. Geek is savoring the alone-time at home before I head to NYC for the BlogHer conference in 10 days--I felt it was the least that he deserves for being with S for those 5 days. We'll be heading to the pool and the beach again today, soaking up the water and sun. Hope you're enjoying the weather where you are. Link up your giveaways below, friends.


Tina Peterson said...

Thanks for the linky! I have a Brugo Mugs giveaway ending 7/25 - sign up if you're interested.


Tina "The Book Lady"

Natalie A. said...

Thanks for your Linky!!

I have over 160 giveaway linky sites on my blog if anyone is interested to check it out! Come find giveaway linky sites and giveaway! Thanks!

OutnumberedMama said...

Thanks so much for the Linky! If you have a giveaway, you can add it to my giveaway Linky - Updated every Friday! THE BUSY WOMAN'S GUIDE TO SURVIVING MOTHERHOOD

HSUper Parents said...

Thanks for the linky! Friday giveaway linky at http://hsuperparents.blogspot.com

Home♥Mom.com said...

thanks for hosting ;) linked my very first giveaway!

Christy, Home♥Mom.com

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