BlogHer Bound

After a week or more of chaos in the house, mostly stemming from an independent toddler, I'm getting ready for my trip to the Big Apple for the BlogHer conference. I need to sit down and just type a bit, because I'm quite stressed out about packing and getting things ready for going away. I keep telling myself to just relax and breathe, but you parents know how hard it is to prepare for a trip--not just trying not to forget something, but the gymnastics one must go through physically and mentally when doing so with children underfoot.
(Wow, my laptop's webcam is awful! I was actually wearing a purple shirt, and the colors are all wonky...and please ignore the pepper in my tooth)
Add to this the fact that my cat is going nuts, running around acting weird and carrying food in his mouth and depositing it elsewhere. I worry about him, especially because he won't get much (positive) attention when I'm gone. I'll be happy if Mr. Geek just scoops the litter box once or twice.

I can't say enough how excited, grateful, and desperate I am for this trip. It's been a busy and sometimes frustrating summer, and I'm just ready to spend some time reconnecting with myself and doing things without that little alarm in the back of my mind that is constantly on, thinking about my son and what he might be into. I'm also quite thankful to the many friends who have opened their homes to my husband and son over the next few days for dinner and playtime. It will be a weight off of our shoulders, knowing Soren will be entertained a bit (as well as fed!--just kidding Chris, you make great pancakes and rice).

I'm looking forward to meeting many of the wonderful women I've met online at the conference, Naomi my roomie, of course, but also Kari, Sky, Liz, Lisa, Nicole, Kayla, Lisa, and so many more whom I'm forgetting to name. Leave me a comment if you'll be at the conference too! I'd love to try and meet up with you.

The kiddo's up, so I'm off to do my last nap-waking for a few days--and some extra snuggle time. I'll try and post a bit from New York and share some photos too. Bye for now!


laura said...

This sounds just like my life.
Worrying about the cat.. the attention he may or may not get.. will my husband even remember to clean out the litterbox?
Excited about a trip that I can have some time to myself on. Finally.
And haha.. I'm excited to meet Kayla too, she's another of the JVC winners I'll be dinning with on Thursday.
Cannot wait..

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Pretty soon you will be on your way, leaving your worries behind. Have fun, I wish I was going. Hopefully I can go next year and meet all you fab women!

Muthering Heights said...

I hope you have a GREAT time...I'll admit, I'm bummed that I won't be there to meet you, but I can't wait to hear ALL about it! :D

JamericanSpice said...

Ahhh the need to get away!

I hope you have wonderful fun meeting all those ladies and enjoying the time away.

angie said...

Wish I were going so that we could FINALLY meet. HAVE a spectacular time!

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