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I used to think meal-time messes were confined to babies, I mean, shouldn't a 2 year old be able to dine somewhat on his own? Naive little Kathleen, of course not! Especially when the meal consists of red sauces or slippery noodles, along with easily-tipped bowls and skimpy utensils.

Enter mOmma, the beautiful Italian-designed and mod-looking dinnerware for tots.

I was first taken by the design, as with most products (artistic sensibilities kicking in again, form/function, all that). I mean, it's Italian, so how could you not all but fall in love? I was equally impressed with how easy the mOmma items are to handle. The plate is very bottom-heavy, which is perfect for babies and toddlers who are learning to eat.
The utensils that accompany the plate are unique too; they're rounded on the ends to make grasping a lot easier for kids.
Though I wonder if this unique shape might prevent an easy transition to a regular utensil in the future? Who knows. But right now S really likes using them and it's made dinnertime a bit easier in the mess category.
We were also sent the mOmma Rocking Cup in green and the mOmma Sippy Cup in orange, both of which have caps to prevent any stray drops of liquid from messing up your purse or diaper bag.

I like these too, especially that they are easy for him to hold and drink from. All this roundness (in the cups and the utensils) is not just fun, but it's a way to prevent any parts that touch your child's mouth from coming into contact with germs on the table (or floor).
I was having some issues with the green one, which has a collapsible straw built into the lid, because of leaking.
SoJo is quite rough with sippy cups, and I noticed him shaking it and spilling some milk on the floor. But it would probably be better with less-aggressive kids (there are some out there, aren't there?). You'd think a round sippy would be tough to clean, but we were sent an accompanying rounded brush which is both cute and works well in keeping junk off the inside of the cups.
I'm quite fond of mOmma and am certain that you'd be envied at your next baby shower if you were to give the mom-to-be a set of these dining items.

mOmma is currently running a contest (from August 2-September 10) where you can win a prize pack (valued at over $100) of their goodies for you and a friend by submitting a photo of your child's messiest mealtime moment. You can get more details on mOmma's Facebook page or by checking out mOmma's website.
Disclosure: I received all the items I wrote about in this post as part of a Team Mom campaign for mOmma. All opinions are entirely my own.


1coolmama said...

these are so cute, you are right they would make great shower gifts. I love discovering all these great products now that my kids are 6 and 3.

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