Shower Me...

One of the nightmares of owning an older house is that there are often some really ugly and half-baked renovations. Take our upstairs bathroom--it's small, the tub and shower blocks part of the window, the toilet doesn't flush right and the choice of tiles and tilework is hideous. I won't continue with descriptions, or even worse, photos, but trust me. You wouldn't find my bathroom a retreat of any sort, unless you're retreating AWAY from it.

I made a little improvement recently, courtesy of Mom Select and Waterpik. I updated the shower head!
We had this cheapo one that was all business and no pleasure. It often sprayed water all over the place and left too much moisture along the back of the shower, making it impossible to keep mildew at bay.
Now this switch-out couldn't have been simpler. You just unscrew a few things and tighten the new one on. I did it in all of 5 minutes with a 2 year old chattering nearby, handing me parts.

Check it out! Behold, the Waterpik EasySelect Shower head.
I love that there are a variety of settings, like a massage one and a misting feature which would be great for breaking up congestion. It's also a hand-held one, meaning that it's extremely easy to rinse off my son's head after shampooing. Plus the swivel arm allows the shower head to be aimed anywhere in the shower. We now use it pointing down on our heads, rather than having the spray go all over the place like before. It's also simple to switch settings on the unit, just by turning the black knob around the base of the sprayer.

Not bad for an easy update to your morning routine. You can find this shower head at The Home Depot, retailing for $59.99.
Disclosure: I received a sample shower head courtesy of Waterpik and Mom Select for review purposes.


Heidi said...

I live in an old house, so I can so relate to this post! That new showerhead looks great!

blueviolet said...

We just put that in too and LOVE it!!!! The design is so nice looking!

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