Chronicle Books Grossest Room Contest + Free Slime!

Chronicle Books, publishers of the Worst Case Scenario series for kids, is running a contest for the Grossest Room where kids can win an iPod Touch 32GB, a $50 iTunes gift card, and the entire collection of Worst-Case Scenario Junior books just by uploading a video showing your nasty, disgusting, messy room.

Contest starts on October 6th 2010 and ends on November 7th 2010.  More info and contest rules can be found on the Chronicle Books You Tube page.

Plus you can also get a container of FREE SLIME! by visiting here.  What kid (or adult) wouldn't like that?
If you have questions, you can email them to: kids@chroniclebooks.com.  Good Luck!


Ammie said...

Haha! I love Chronicle Books, but I might have to pass on the slime this year. (I can only see horrible messes when Kidoodle gets his hands on it...)

blueviolet said...

Why didn't they have this when my kids were in high school and the debris was a foot high?

Terra H. said...

Thanks for posting about this. I just signed up for some slime. My boys will think it's cool.

Bonnie said...

ugh! I can't imagine posting my boys messy room for all to see! no way!

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