Little Twig, Big Bubbles!

In our house and on our bodies, we try and use natural and eco-friendly cleaning products.  My son has sensitive skin, so I'm especially careful to use products whose ingredients are few and (mostly) pronounceable.

A recent entry into our bath time ritual, Little Twig's Happy Tangerine bubble bath has livened up the bath water.
Its citrus-rosemary scent is pleasing to my nose, which is important considering I spend a lot of time sitting next to the tub while my 2 year old is taking a bath.

The best part about the Happy Tangerine Bubble Bath? The Bubbles!! Unlike some of the other natural brands, Little Twig's bubble bath makes loads of bubbles.  And using tonight's bath as research, I can say that there were still bubbles in the tub when my son got out, 35 minutes after starting the bath.  And I only used a cap-full of the liquid.

We're quite happy with this addition to bath time.  I think mama needs to sneak a little of this into a bath of her own.

You can keep up with Little Twig, including their latest news and discounts, on their Facebook page as well as on Twitter.  And consider signing up your child for Blu's Birthday Club, where you can a birthday discount and a free gift!
Disclosure: I received a sample of Little Twig's Happy Tangerine bubble bath for review purposes.


Braley Mama said...

thanks for sharing......I am usually leary of bubble baths(especially with girls) but this looks like a good one:O)

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Who doesn't love bubble baths!?
This looks like a great product for kids of all ages :)

Bonnie said...

I have never heard of this brand. It looks wonderful! Do they only sell online or are they in major department stores?

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