Warming Hands and Hearts with Cold Stone Creamery Cocoa

As a member of Collective Bias, I'm participating in a campaign with Cold Stone Creamery and their new Smooth Cravings cocoa.  I was given money to shop for items for a gift basket for a person or organization of my choosing.
It's always nice to have a helper along for the smiles.
Since my son is not in school and we don't have teachers to buy for, I chose to contribute to a local shelter called Safe Harbor that can house 16 men and 10 women overnight. It's a little different of an approach than some of the other participants in the campaign, but I thought it would be beneficial and a comfort to the people who are in the shelter.
I headed to Walmart to pick out items for the donation. High on the list was cocoa, which would be great since this campaign is all about Cold Stone Creamery's new cocoa.  And what goes perfectly with cocoa during the holidays?  Candy canes!
I picked up some of them, as well as seasonal Oreos
Other beverages were requested by the shelter, including coffee
 Kool Aid and lemonade instant drinks
and of course the cocoa.  At only $1.14 a box, I picked up 10.  Though it required making a trip to a second Walmart, since the first one didn't carry the brand.  When I found it though, I picked up all 3 varieties--Milk Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Dark Chocolate (my favorite, yum!).
Marshmallows also are a must-have for cocoa!
Once I had all the items, I needed something to package them up in.  I chose a duffel bag, since many of the shelter residents need them.  And a red one is just so much more festive than black, wouldn't you say?
Added some socks and hats too, just because it makes everyone warm, like cocoa.  And some festive paper cups for the holidays.  I imagine that this will all be very welcoming in the common area of the shelter, once it's all unpacked.

When I got home, I admired how much I was able to get for the price.
10 boxes of chocolate-y goodness!
I stuffed that duffel bag to the gills!
 And even snuck some granola bars I had on hand into the pockets.
I hope this helps bring a little comfort and warmth to those in need, who are often forgotten over the holidays.
 If you'd like to read my Whrrl post about this, click on over!

More check-ins at Walmart Supercenter #3810
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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Collective Bias and Cold Stone Creamery. I was given funds to purchase the items in this gift basket.


Sandy Jenney said...

OMG that was wonderful! Your "basket" duffel is going to go so far in spreading some real joy and warmth to a lot of folks who don't get it.
Thanks so much!

mariettamama said...

Wow, that is creative and frugal and a wonderful gift to give! What's more now I am thrilled to know what the cold stone cocoa looks like. I have heard of it before and now I know where to get it. Your santa's helper looks so precious with that big smile! Yay for the recipients of your duffle bag!

LahTeaDah said...

What a fun and Fabulous idea. Good on you for taking part.... and seriously you lil man's smile - is to die for!

Yours Truly

read me: www.lahteadah.blogspot.com

Lindsey said...

That is such a nice thing to do - your package for sure put a smile on someone's face! :)

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