#31Days to a Healthier Lifestyle

As a member of Collective Bias, I'm participating in the #31Days campaign, which focuses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle with Lean Cuisine and Skinny Cow.
I will admit that I normally don't eat convenience meals, since I cook all of our food, however when I was working, I did rely on these ready-to-go meals on occasion, especially ones like Lean Cuisine.
I headed to the local Walmart to check out the selection.  Wow, was I impressed with the variety!
You could eat a different meal each day for a week and still not make a dent in what was offered.  Lean Cuisine has everything from pizzas and pastas to Asian meals and sandwiches.
The prices are quite reasonable too, at under 2 bucks a meal.  They've even introduced some snack options, like these roll-ups.   Much better than snacking on a bag of chips.
As a vegetarian, I was disappointed in the non-meat options available.  Granted, there were some, like pizzas, mac and cheese, stuffed rigatoni, Vegetable Eggroll, and Santa Fe Rice and Beans, but I had my stomach set on some sort of roasted veggie panini
I believe there are a few more options out there, it's just that our local store didn't carry as many vegetarian items (I live in the heart of PA Dutch country--bit meat eaters, those Dutchies).

I ended up purchasing the Mushroom Pizza and the Vegetable Egg Roll meals.
They were easy to make; both of them together cooked in under 10 minutes in the microwave.  My son and I had them for lunch, and the making and clean-up was super-easy.

The pizza cooks on a sheet of foil that's inside the box
making a crispy crust.
The Vegetable Eggroll meal was also easy to prepare
You cook it in its own dish, which would be convenient for work.
The pizza turned out pretty good, crispy but soft, with just enough cheese and sauce.
My son ate it up, though he wouldn't touch the mushrooms (I got to eat those).
The Vegetable Eggroll meal was tasty, though the egg roll was mushy.  However without deep-frying, one really can't get a crispy egg roll, right?
I'd prefer mushy to greasy and fatty anyday.
Clean-up was just as easy as preparation.  All in all, this was an easy and convenient way to enjoy lunch, and I am impressed with the ingredients--nearly all of which were pronounceable, real foods like rice, vegetables, hoisin sauce and ginger.

Here's my Whrrl check-in, if you'd like to see more.

More check-ins at Walmart Supercenter #2614
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Disclosure: I was compensated for this shopping trip by Collective Bias.


Naomi said...

I think they have a roasted veggie pizza. I was surprised at how much variety they have! Much better than the Lean Cuisine I remember from college, which I remember as pretty cardboard-y.

Organize with Sandy said...

Thanks for the info. Since I'm not a vegetarian, I never would have though about it from that angle.

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