Bootights: Must Have for Boots

In fall and winter, I wear boots everywhere. I love how they look, and how they add an extra layer of warmth to my outfit.  What I don't like about them is that they're sometimes hard to pair with socks and tights--socks get scrunched down into the feet, and tights often are too thin and get ripped by the sturdiness of my boots.

However, all is not lost! You can wear your boots and socks/tights too!  Bootights make it all possible, giving your the sexiness and warmth of tights with the extra protection of socks.

Here I am, modeling my black Opaque Mid-calf Bootights with my favorite winter boots.
Bootights are SOOOO much better than wearing socks with boots. Ugh, the slouchiness of "quitters" (as my husband calls socks that sink down around your heel) is awful!

You can see that the "sock" part starts around mid-calf
and covers the entire foot.  No sock muffin top here!
And the sock itself is really padded and sturdy, almost like an athletic sock.   It's made to wick away moisture from your feet, which you know can be a real problem with boots. 
I really love Bootights, and will be sorry to say goodbye to them once my baby bump becomes too large to accommodate them.
Bootights are made in the USA, and you get free shipping when you place an order.  They also have some designer patterns like Fishnets (who knew you could find a sexy and comfortable fishnet for boots?)
and Herringbone.  You can keep up with Bootights on Twitter and on Facebook. You can also see them TODAY on the Oprah show, a one of the Must Haves for 2011.
Disclosure: I received a complementary pair of Bootights for review purposes.

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