Wordless Wednesday: More Snow and Indoor Fun

We've gotten just an inch or two here and there so far this winter, but this morning woke to a winter wonderland.  I love when snow coats the branches of trees.
Can't wait to get out there with Soren later today, especially since Chris kindly shoveled the walk before going into work.  More time to make snowballs for me!  I was hoping he'd get a snow day, but since we live down the hill from his work, there really wasn't a good excuse.

Meanwhile, we'll be engaging in some indoor racing, and hopefully not too many crashes!
Painter's tape makes a great raceway, and S enjoyed helping map out the course. Cheap fun!


blueviolet said...

I like the raceway and it's easy to remove!

I LOVE when the branches are snow laden like that. :)

Gem said...

The painters tape is a great idea!

Wow...that snow...we expect snow in Hawaii today (the big island), but the rest of the state is just under a flash flood warning...

Ammie said...

Masterful racetrack. I'm missing the hardwood floors in my old apt. :D Guess I'll just have to get some again when we buy a house!

GrammyMouseTails said...

cute idea for a race track! snow, when fresh is pretty. but when you get older and the snow is just a job to remove and no body to play in it, well then it is just another chore. ;p ! If you want to sled, I have a giant hill in my back yard, LOL!

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