32 Bathroom Shower Ideas That Will Inspire You

Just like day replace night, taking a shower can replace our body temperature. Taking a bath can be refreshing as well taking a reset button. At the end of the day, all the tiredness washed away after a long hot shower. The right bathroom shower ideas, can revive all strength and become more relaxed.

Bathroom designs can be vintage, classic or modern. Bigger bathroom means a larger space to indulge yourself. Soaking in the bathtub can only mean pampering but bathroom shower is a different thing. It can be a quick refreshment, meditation or even stress receive treatment.

There are many bathroom shower Ideas to explore. The design based on your home interior design or simply reflect on your personality. If you can pay more attention to the shower design which is more than a place where the water came. There is a whole different relaxing experience in the bathroom to try on.

Wooden Floor Bathroom Shower Ideas

source: houzz.com

Safety can also mean a unique bathroom design. You can make sure the floor is not slippery by using teak floorboards as a firm base. The tight set of wood resists water very well. Another unusual feature is the built-in bench attached to the wall.

It helps to bring comfort while showering. You can put your feet up to shaved legs or sit down if not feeling like standing. Both features are excellent choices for families with kids and the elderly.

Natural Bathroom Shower Concept

source: sundesigninc.com

You can get a simple natural bathroom look by adding these tiling. You can place stone tiles on the floor and add a wooden slab on the wall. Both can send a message like bathing in the great outdoors.

Vinyl Bathroom Shower Ideas

source: libertasinteriordesign.com

The modern bathroom often will add something unusual or omit the general. Therefore, don’t be a surprise if you step into a bathroom shower with vinyl wallpaper which is water resistant and looks amazing. Moreover, you can also have a doorless bathroom and eliminate the hassle of having a door at all. The glass wall gives enough partition and makes the room larger.

Natural Stone Wall For Bathroom Shower Ideas

source: dorigdesigns.com

Natural material can be expensive and hard to maintain. So, wood or natural stone is the ultimate wallpaper and tiles texture to imitate nature and bring it into a more practical way of interior design. This dark wooden tile slab is great for flooring as well as for walls.

Marble Design Bathroom Shower Ideas

A marble bathroom design means luxurious at its best. An elegance interior equals expensive and high maintenance. For a more affordable look, there are marbles like tiles which you can be a different option. Unless you are a marble guru, it is almost hard to tell the difference.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Shower Ideas

source: sincerelysarad.com

A clear and bright bathroom can bring comfort, even to a small layout. Keep things simple and neutral by choosing all white or broken white scheme into your bathroom. The sufficient natural light coming into the room makes thing better and brighter. You can add glass wall and also white bathtub and sink to keep the theme in sync.

Glassy Divider Bathroom Shower Ideas

source: jennaburger.com

You will love the extra space after deciding to not install a bathtub in the bathroom. The shower and toilet area have a slide glass door which saves place and looks modern. The spacious layout even fit with a wooden table for putting your bathing essentials. The dark wooden table stands out in the neutral bathroom with everything in plain white.

The shower wall, floor, and backsplash need more water resistance material. It comes in contact with water more frequently than the dry part of the bathroom. Therefore, make sure to have an expert handling the shower part to avoid any crack. Simple leaks can damages the bathroom structure and influence another part of the house.

Natural Shower Design

source: unexpectedelegance.com

A tiny opening for the shower area with no door or partition is adequate for a small bathroom. However, the limited area does not omit the creativity of having a nice bathroom. The natural shower area with marble wall suits the wooden cabinet, perfectly.

You can keep the water just in the shower area by using a waterproof membrane. The additional layer on the shower cement board prevents water from passing through to the subfloor.

Classic Luxury Bathroom

source: evolutionofstyleblog.com

For privacy reason, the bathroom can be very darkly. You can substitute the common window glass with tempered glass. It can give natural light a way to brighten the bathroom area with a doff surface that people can not see through. Moreover, all neutral tiles and paint make the bathroom even larger than its actual size.

However, it is different for the inside part. A clear glass door can prevent water from going to the subfloor. With the adequate partition, you can have a larger dresser with a large mirror for doing makeup or simple hair and face treatment. The frameless showers attached by clips, divide the two areas nicely in a very affordable way.

Corner Shape Bathroom

source: tiffanyblueyes.wordpress.com

The solution for a very tiny house is having a built-in shower. You can buy this simple shower design for any home furniture store that has a corner shape with sliding curve transparent door. The quarter rounded shower is made out of acrylic and not the glass and safer. The shower cubes are so small that it fits any corner part of any tiny bathroom really well.

Bench In The Bathroom Shower

source: Sisters in Sync Design via Houzz

It might be a bit difficult, to find the same color wall and floor at the same time. However, if you do find it, it can be a great one tone interior structure. This shower comes in light marble with horizontal lines would go well in giving natural lines. Also, the concrete floor complements the same tone with more of plain fighting.

You need to have a splash of a different color to avoid a boring plain tone. This bathroom installs a unique bench that comes with a similar color. Moreover, the horizontal feature fits the lines from the wall really well. It makes the bench as a part of the bathroom even more.

Simple Black Bathroom Shower Ideas

source: Smith Hanes

The black industrial shower structure highlight this monochrome bathroom. It is simple and sophisticated at the same. While at that, the classic color also blends of dark flooring against the subway white tile matches perfectly.

Personally using the right amount of light items, as well as dark decor, bring harmony to the medium size bathroom. However, with the black and white scheme, the bathroom actually looks larger than it appears.

Minimalist Bathroom Shower Ideas

source: John Maniscalco Architecture

A minimalist modern bathroom applies the very minimum decoration. Yet, the spacious area without unimportant furniture makes the bathroom wider and more spacious. Moreover, if you keep the bathroom them in all neutral scheme it is even better. You can play around with some white shades like the light gray or beige color.

The frost large window adds more shine from the natural light from the sun. It also give privacy with its doff surface. The highlight of the shower area in the rain shower head that allows the water to pour downward instead of sideways.

Center Bathroom Shower Concept

source: LAIR Architectural via Houzz

A corner shower or a wet and dry bathroom is the typical bathroom design. It leans more to the natural or modern style of bathroom interior. If you have a bolder taste and desire to explore the more unusual shape of the bathroom, then this curved shower may inspire you. The one of a kind unit has a mirror feature which keeps thing balance. Even, the multicolored curve small tile is quite stunning work of art.

Spa Shower Concept Design

source: White And Gold Design

This large bathroom shower takes inspiration from spa design with a long bench and spacious area. The top shower installment with multiple opening can be adjusted. This design fit single or multiple users in the shower area. For the shower, you can apply a unique set of two kinds of tiling that take a turn in covering the area from top to bottom.

Unique Ceiling Bathroom Shower Ideas

source: pinterest.com

This one of a kind shower has an unusual top shower installment. It mimics the shower in the main theme with a wooden slab floor to avoid slipperily. The long shower area goes all the way to the dray part with no partition. It has open space structure with a natural view of the background.

Simple Green Bathroom

source: pinterest.com

A shower can apply light tone for enlarging illusion and darker tone for more define look. There is no good and bad palette when it comes to home designing. It all comes down to having some color to highlight an area and another color to support them. Take this dark green tile that covers the shower area from top to bottom. Green represents nature and calming atmosphere. To support it, the outer area should be neutral and plain.

Scramble Tile Bathroom Shower Design

source: pinterest.com

In designing a room, you can play with the volume of color. A simple combination of small and large tile can be a simple and easy bathroom shower idea to apply. Even all white tile even looks stunningly clean and interesting. A hint of black here and there add a little touch of monochrome that keeps thing apart.

Pattern On The Bathroom Shower Wall

source: pinterest.com

You can highlight a boring white bathroom shower with a unique pattern in just one wall. The bathroom shower middle is from the door is the part of the bathroom that immediately catch your eyes. So you can have a colorful pattern or color blend in those sides only to light the thing up.

Riverbank Design Bathroom Shower

source: pinterest.com

Earth tone is often chosen as the palette for bathroom. Many people consider this color represent relaxation and peaceful bathing experience. It imitates the idea of people bathing in rivers and lakes way before they invented the bathroom. You can have light to dark grey tiling and furniture and the bathroom will look elegant and comforting.

Simple Blue Bathroom Shower Design

source: kitchen-masters.com

A splash of blue brightens this bathroom shower with a nice transition. The large brownish marble tile on the wall shows off a mixture of the small blue glass gradient tile on the middle of the wall. It goes all the way to the dry area, out of the shower. The outer part is covered in light blue that gives a fresh splash to the bathroom.

Vintage Bathroom Shower

Interior design works around the house structure and makes the best of the available room. Because of that, there is a way to optimize it. For example, if there is a medium to large space for a double shower, use it well.

The unique structure should be the center of the bathroom with all the decoration. You can also add, for example, a mosaic accent fully in one side as the visual focal point. Keep the rest of the wall plain to highlight and bring more attention to the pattern areas.

Small Space For Bathroom Shower

A corner enclosed standing shower is a great bathroom shower idea for a small room with a unique layout. You can have the sink on one side and the toilet in another. It is like having a different bathroom in one larger one. The combination of glass and wall enclosed shower successfully dived the room well for each user.

If you desire a rustic bathroom shower ideas, use a warm palette for the tiles, wall, and decoration. Small tile mosaic and tile borders give pattern and interesting decoration to the small enclosed shower. Use the only color from the same tone or gradient to avoid overcrowded atmosphere.

Divider Bathroom Shower

by Jim Somerset Photography

The bathroom can be a place to refresh by using lots of water of just a little. You can have a two separate bathroom for wet and dry purpose. This way, you can have more than one person in the bathroom, when needed.

The shower and bathroom on one side are for deep cleansing activities which every people needs every day. However, you can also take a long hot shower or pampering in soaking in the bathtub. On another note, the other side is for the toilet and sinks for a quick toothbrush, washing face or makeup touch up. There is a transparent glass partition for making the room feels bigger and wider.

Cubical Bathroom Shower Design

by Gilmore Design Studio

The large bathroom can apply an eye-catching cubical build in marble shower inside the bathroom. The light gray marble structure meets the white stone textures. The small pebbles of white and light gray floor enhance the medium grey theme well. The white wooden bench with the extra cylindric gypsum chair is a nice addition to the off white shower.

The fully enclosed shower keeps things simple in addition to keeping the room more organized. As a result, the design of silver stainless steels and glass door aligns with the silvery theme. This is definitely a great design to steal for a large spacious bathroom.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom with Double Shower

by The Pleated Poppy

The white and blue color scheme, beadboard paneling, and subway tile are hallmarks of farmhouse style, and here a modern touch is added with the large glass shower enclosure and double shower heads.

This bathroom by The Pleated Poppy is fairly small, but the beadboard half wall topped with glass makes both shower and bathroom space feel larger.

Corner Tile Shower With Angled Glass Walls

source: Dovetail Construction via Houzz

If you’re worried about getting just another boring shower design, consider using a visually stunning tile, as in this example from Dovetail Construction, via Houzz. The hexagonal design of the tile serves as an eye magnet and dominates the bathroom. To balance it out, the designer kept other possible patterns more muted, and the colors neutral.

Tile Shower With Teak Floor

by Gelotte Hommas

Stone and ceramic tile are not your only options when it comes to shower flooring. This beautiful small shower by Gelotte Hommas Drivdaul has a teak slat floor, which gives it warmth and a bit of a tropical look. The wooden shower floor blends nicely with the wood bathroom floor, and the colors are echoed in the accent wall tiles.

The neutral colors make this bathroom compatible with any seasonal accents you like, whether it’s new towels, fresh flowers, or rotating artwork.

Bathroom with Natural Design

source: pinterest.com

Do you want to bring natural atmosphere outside into your bathroom? The design shown in the picture can be a good idea to apply. All the natural elements used in the room will give you the feeling that you are taking a bath outside. The green color chosen for the wall painting strengthen the natural look of the design.

Opened Sky Bathroom Design

source: pinterest.com

Look at the unique design of the roof used for the bathroom and you will love it. The roof is made of wooden elements with glass on top of it to enable you look out the sky out there while taking a bath. Not only that, the glass roof will also enable you to get natural lightings for your bathroom.

Small Bathroom with Monochrome Accent

source: pinterest.com

To decorate small bathroom elegantly, adding monochrome accent can be good solution. You can apply the accent for the floor. The walls which are dominated by grey color also looks perfect with combined with the monochrome accent.

Bathroom Design with Beige Color

source: pinterest.com

Beige is one of the natural color that can be perfectly combined with most colors. In this bathroom design, beige dominates the whole look of the shower spot. The perfect type of lightings chosen make the room looks so elegant and more spacious than it should be. The design will be perfect the most for you who adore simplicity and elegancy.








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