Another Overdue Day

Finally I can sit down here and write a little on my blog after being at the doctor's for most of the afternoon (and sleeping late this morning!). First off, thank you to everyone who has been leaving such nice and positive comments on my postings. I've been visiting all of your blogs and am happy to have "met" you all. I intend to leave some postings of my own on them all. I also need to get myself over to Dolce Diva Designs where I've been tagged by Dawn.

So it's the same old story here, just waiting for S and nothing happening. I know many women must feel this way, but it truly seems that he is never going to come out! In retrospect, this will all seem like a drop in the bucket of time, but right now it is eternal. I had the non-stress test where they monitor the baby's heartbeat for 20 minutes and also an ultrasound where they said he is at least 9lbs, probably more. But from what others have told me, they aren't exactly accurate with the weight. They wanted to induce on Sunday night, but I am going to wait until mid-week, as I want to see if he'll come naturally. All of the tests said everything looks great, the placenta is still functioning well, my fluid levels are good, his heart rate is excellent, etc. So because he is not under any kind of stress, I am going to wait it out. I am still just a fingertip dilated and I have another appointment on Tuesday morning to do the tests again. If he's still not here, they will most likely induce on Wednesday. A couple of my friends who've been induced have had bad experiences where they were in the hospital for 20 hours of labor and then had a c-section. I wish there was some sort of rhyme or reason with labor, where at least something was somewhat predictable. If I knew an induction would lead to a c-section, I'd just opt for that to begin with. But I guess that is some of the excitement about having a baby: the unknown. It is interesting that with all of the medical research out there that there is still so many unexplained things about labor.


Melissa said...

I was induced with both of my boys and they both were delivered vaginally.

The first I had complications but it wasn't all from being induced. I had high blood pressure, passing out, throwing up, epidural not working, almost 24 hours of labor, 2 hours of pushing, etc.

What was I thinking of having another one 14 months later?

The second time was induced it was a much better experience. No complications whatsoever.

Every woman is different, every pregnancy and labor is different. All you can hope for is a healthy little baby....no matter how they get here!

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