The Raconteurs

One more thing for today...I found out last night that The Raconteurs have a new album coming out March 25th, and I am so psyched! Much to my husband's eye-rolling, I have the biggest post-adolescent crush on Jack White, who is so talented and strangely cute. I wish they'd play somewhere near PA, as I still reminisce about the one and only White Stripes concert I went to like 2 years ago. I'll have to wait until May 24th when PBS shows an encore of their performance on Austin City Limits (Cat Power also is on that episode).


Happy2bme said...

I don't have a crush on Jack White but I am a fan of his voice and both groups. It would be great to be at the concert and after they play "Steady as she goes" bust into "Seven Nation Army"... haha!! Have a great weekend.

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