Painless Contractions?

Is is possible that one can have contractions but not feel them? My belly was so tight when I stood up earlier, it was weird! It didn't hurt and it lasted a minute or so. Maybe this is the beginning of something!
I didn't really want to write about being pregnant, but it's pretty much the only thing on my mind right now. So, what did I do today....
I went to the grocery store because we are so low on staples like veggies, fruit and soy milk, and of course I ended up spending over $100 on stuff. This is probably my 3rd stocking-up-for-baby trip to the store, my first one being a few weeks ago, thinking I might go into labor early. The problem is, my huz and I then eat everything and I need to stock up again. I am praying that today was the last time, as I restocked the pantry with canned tomatoes and beans, and got some frozen stuff to eat in a pinch when S arrives. The funny thing is, we live less than a mile from a grocery store, so it's not like one of us can't run out and get something in 10 minutes. But there is something reassuring about knowing that I am prepared and stocked up for the baby; I actually enjoy looking in the pantry, seeing all the cans and boxes lined up, waiting to be used.

Tonight I am excited to be cooking fish tacos, something I've never had. I got some Tilapia (unfortunately from South America, as it is near impossible to find any fish in our area that is from America, and even more unfortunately, most of the frozen is from China which I don't trust). I have a subscription to Everyday Food (got a really good deal at Christmas, 2 subscriptions for $12) and there was a recipe in this month's issue for fish tacos that looked really light and scrumptious. I'll let you know how they turn out. The link I have here is to a similar recipe on their website.

And I know it is Wordless Wednesday, but I just wanted to tell you a little about Oscar the cat, as seen below. He keeps my spirits up when I am here pacing and waiting. He is either a full or partial Scottish Fold (we got him at the cat shelter I used to volunteer at) and he is the sweetest cat I've ever met. This breed is very mellow and loves people, so if you are ever looking for a laid-back lap cat, find a Fold (called that because half of the litters are born with folded ears, a genetic mutation). I think he'll do fine with baby S, until of course he starts crying. Fortunately Oscar is too fat (he was fatter when we got him) to jump into the crib or bassinet so we don't have to worry about that.


Dawn said...

I know this sound weird BUT my MIL told me to eat fried clams to go into labor. I thought YA RIGHT! It sounded GROSS!! I usually love them but in my 9th months nothing sounded good! Oddly enough later that day I started to crave fried clams. My husband and I ordered some. Low and behold by the time I was done eating them I was going into labor and Gianna was born 12 hours later! LOL!

Disclaimer....I tired the same thing with Anthony last May and it didn't work! BUT YOU NEVER KNOW!!

GOOD LUCK!!!! Giving birth is such an amazing experience!!!


Melissa said...

I had contractions with son but didn't know that's what they were. I could feel the tightening of my belly, but there was no pain to them. It was until after my water broke at the hospital that I felt any pain with them.

Good luck....it sounds like you might be starting!

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