Sunday, 73 degrees and sunny with a mild breeze

I am planning to get out into the garden today to put in some much needed edging along my backyard flower bed, and what a beautiful day to do it!

I am also trying to come up with something cool to give my husband for Father's Day--his first. He's not a material-type of person, and when I write that I mean it not so much in the philosophical way, but in the way of "I hate shopping, I don't need anything, I'd rather save my money." I highly admire this point-of-view, but I know everyone loves a little present now and then.

So if anyone has any ideas for an IT geek who loves Darth Vader, tennis, and chocolate covered espresso beans let me know!

Photo courtesy of Amy Purple, 2008 (it's us!)


amy purple said...

I'm not one for suggestions, i bought my dad bath towels. His were all small, hard and like 20 yrs old. Practical at best. haha.

Grace said...

hey Katydid, thanks for leaving an entry and your URL on my blog, www.kidshealthnotes.com

your baby looks so adorable! i got a 5 month old myself... isn't motherhood just the best thing?

hm, father's day ideas. i think i need to think of something for my hubby too. but for yours - have you tried baking a chocolate cake? with decorated darth vader, and espresso coffees? here's a link of where to get ideas for a cool cake


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