Baby Clothes

This evening I packed up some of Soren's "old" clothes that he has already outgrown to send to my cousin in Georgia who is due in July (with baby Evan...I love that name!). I can't believe that I am already passing on clothes, and am already getting sentimental about it. I was wondering how I could hold onto these memories without actually holding onto the clothes, as I've seen too many design shows where mamas have basements/closets/guest bedrooms filled with boxes of outgrown kids clothes that they've been holding onto for sentimental reasons. So my plan is to take photos of the outfits that I really liked, either with SoSo in them or just lying out on the floor. My question for the public: How did you hang on to the memories of your child's baby clothes?


amy purple said...

If you weren't passing them on, i'd suggest cutting them up into little squares and making a blanket or pillow out of them.

Sharon said...

Hi Kathleen! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog in your apron link! As for baby clothes some have become teddy clothes, some have gone to friends and it is nice to see them being worn, but making something out of them is really the best suggestion! Sharon x

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