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I came across a weird yet interesting thing via No Impact Man's blog post on cloth diapering...Diaper Free Baby, which touts "A natural approach to responding to babies' elimination needs." Apparently, you can actually avoid using diapers with your infant if you just tune in to their cues of having to go pee or poop.

First off, this site is as secretive about its practices as the Scientologists (I've never been able to find out what exactly Scientologists believe or practice). I searched around for their methods because, hey, who wouldn't want to give up diapers if they could, but I didn't find any how-tos or specific advice. There is a lot of info about this ancient practice and its benefits but nothing about how to implement it yourself (but you can donate to them!). I suppose you need to contact your local chapter via the website. UPDATE: Candice from My Greening let me know that there is a link there, it just wasn't as obvious as I thought it could be.

I hate to sound a little skeptical, but it seems difficult if not impossible to be cued into your baby's elimination needs 24/7. Sure this may have worked in the Stone Age when an entire village helped a mother take care of her child, but I am already exhausted enough from responding to SoJo's other 500 needs. The closest I come to this would be when I have him lying on a blanket on the floor with his nappie off, but I am close by with another one to catch his arcing pee!

But this may interest some of you, so do check it out. And this is a long-shot, but if anyone has actually done this, please share!

PS That is NOT Soren in the photo...it's from the Diaper-Free Baby site.

UPDATE #2: I got some additional info from Candice who actually did this part-time and it's not as difficult as I thought, especially if you have the time and are open to trying something new. For more details on what she did, check out her helpful description from My Greening right here. I'm glad that she enlightened my mind on this issue.


Tanya said...

I came across your blog during the bloggy giveaways and thought I would stop by again.

I completely agree with you - I think it would be too hard to figure out every single time your little one has to go to the bathroom. It's different when they get older and you can tell that they understand what they are doing. When Logan was about 18 mos. he would hide in the corner every time he had to go #2 - but it still took another year before he was fully potty-trained.

CanCan said...

I have done this with both children. It really does work.
You can do it part time.
Having worked in a day care setting, I think this is the easiest way to potty train.

CanCan said...

Here is the blog post I originally made about our EC experience: http://mygreening.blogspot.com/2008/04/infant-potty-training.html

Here is a link that was right on the Diaper Free site that says "how to get started" : http://diaperfreechallenge.org/index.php?module=pagemaster&PAGE_user_op=view_page&PAGE_id=3&MMN_position=3:3

Here is an article from Wikipedia about Scientology beliefs and practices: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientology_beliefs_and_practices

Just in case there is any confusion, EC is in no way related to Scientology. I just found that information using Google. Personally
I am not a Stone Age Scientologist, but I have managed to make going Diaper Free work for me.

A, B & C said...

I've researched this and it's something I've attempted, but it wasn't for me. But yes, it's totally possible and my Mom friends who have been successful just love it!

Lis said...

Hi, I'm Lis from over at Simple I also went semi-diaperless with my daughter, I can honestly say I have only changed a handful of poopy diapers (and those only when she was sick) after she was four months old which is when I really started. I was pretty lax with pee and would only take her a few times throughout the day, even so she was wearing underwear by 1 1/2. By 2 she was dry all night. I loved my experience and would agree that it was a very easy way to potty train. I never read any books, when I transitioned from cloth diapers to undies I just set a timer and took her to the bathroom when it went off. By this time she was used to the toilet and what it meant. I love having a kind of release sound (I use "sssss") I still use it now at almost 4 if I take her to the bathroom at night (which happens maybe once a week) she doesn't even wake up, just does her business. Sorry this comment is so long, but you did ask us weirdos to share ;)

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