Thrifty Green Thursday: Baby Bath Tub

I'm always looking for ways to reuse and repurpose items around our home. Since my son recently outgrew the baby bathtub (and it was a recycled one that a relative gave us), I needed to find another solution, and rather than fill up the entire bathtub for each bath, I decided to come up with a way to use less water. Since my son is able to sit up on his own, it was time to move him out of the reclining tub, which Mr. Busy-body often fussed about, and which didn't allow the water to cover much of his body, therefore making him cold.

Looking around the house, I came across a clear plastic bin that was perfect. It would allow me to use less water and also to fill the water a little higher, keeping my son warmer in the bath. Plus I didn't have to go out and buy a special kind of baby tub, and this tote can be used for other things after the boy outgrows it.
To make it safer, I added a large sponge in the bottom of the tub. This one is found at the big box baby store and I didn't need to buy it since it was something that I had been given at my baby shower. It helps cushion the bottom of the "tub" and keep SoJo from slipping.

Another option is this baby seat with suction cups on the bottom, also a hand-me-down.
I've seen these at yard sales and secondhand baby shops too. This is helpful for me because it keeps SoJo from slumping over in the tub and falling face first in the water.

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suzannah said...

yay for hand-me-downs and repurposed "found" items.

(and i'm loving the image of some grampa making that tractor!)

thanks for stopping by my site today.

Margot said...

I love your blog design. Thanks for stopping by and entering my Tiny Prints contest. I need the email to confirm the correct card but I think the problem may be that it puts mail to: in front the email address. Just in case my email is shelterednotshattered@yahoo.com

mannequin said...

Well how resourceful of you! He's at that precarious age where he's too small for one and too big for another. Fine job there Kathleen!

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