Double Shout Out

I've been hugely impressed with two companies over the last few weeks. First, tiny*prints, who I've gushed about in the past on this blog.
Not only are their photo cards the best I've ever seen, but they have great customer service. I recently ordered some invitations from them, and if you're a faithful K&K reader, you're aware of my many beefs with my shi@*y camera, so you can imagine that the photo I used on the invitation was not of the best quality. A customer service rep from tiny*prints was kind enough to actually call me and make me aware that there is a reflection on the subject's face (it was taken through a window). She wanted to make sure that I knew this before printing it (I did). The last time I ordered from tiny*prints, I had someone check on me again in regards to the photo being a little blurry (and the card still turned out amazing). I've ordered photos and photocards from other retailers and have never gotten service like that.

The second company is The Safe Sippy.
I reviewed one of their stainless steel sippy cups last year and love it. Somehow though, our valve had gotten lost, so I contacted the company, looking to buy a new one. But they would not hear of it! They would send me one for free! When it came in the mail, I was surprised to find not just a valve, but 2 new lids and 2 new valves. I will definitely be purchasing another one of their wonderful bottles.

If you're looking for good old-fashioned customer service, be sure to patronize these two great companies.


Shana said...

I think it's great that you praise them. It's so rare to get service like this today. That's a HUGE beef of mine, having cut my teeth on customer service jobs and working my butt off at them.

Naomi said...

I second the love of Tiny Prints! Our holiday cards turned out GREAT this year.

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