Customized Banners, Buttons and Twitter Backgrounds

Buttons are the windows to a blog or website--they entice readers by flashing a tiny morsel of the site's content, and they also make it convenient (and pretty!) for others to add a link to your website on their own site.  Beyond the philosophical, they are ways to advertise your website or product.  I can also make you a Twitter background too, like mine below.
Interested in a custom-made button, banner or graphic?  Here are some examples of my work, in addition to all of the graphics you see on my blog, which I designed

Muthering Heights blog graphics, background and button, 2009


I also can design a business card for you to coordinate with your blog

Button (125x125 pixels)--$10.00
Button (125x175 pixels)--$12.00
Banner/Button combo--$30.00
Custom drawn items (not using a photo or pre-made graphic) are $15 extra.
Twitter Background Page--$20.00
Business Card (front only) $25.00
Business Card (front and back) $30.00
Feel free to email me at katydidandkid AT gmail DOT com for more information and questions.
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