Wordful Wednesday: The Bunny Bowl

This used to cause a fight in our household when I was growing up
no, not the horrible photo, which sometimes causes a fight in our house now when I plead for a new camera with a macro lens. And kindly ignore the oatmeal remnants on the bowl
Ah, the bunny bowl. The one object that would make us finish our Cheerios. My 4 brothers and I would fight to use that bowl in the mornings, so that one of us could be the lucky kid to see that picture of Peter Rabbit and his mama and siblings playing in the kitchen. It's funny how things that seem so insignificant to adults are so special to kids.
A Similar Bowl

I got the last word on the bunny bowl, since I pilfered it from my parents' house last week before any of my brothers could break out the Fruit Loops. I had forgotten it was there, but came across it while visiting (and rifling through the cabinets) one day. Someone had given this set to the oldest of my brothers when he was christened. It is from the Bunnykins collection of Royal Doulton, which is still available today. There are so many versions of the plate, cup and bowl, all with images of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. Unfortunately, the plate broke, but we still have the other two pieces.
I love the little mug with its pot-belly shape. It is easy for SoJo to drink from. And it has an adorable picture of a bunny with a crab pinching its toe.

Although one might consider these antiques, the bowl is a bit worn from all of the spoons in it over the years. The mug is in better condition. I'm so happy that SoJo will be able to enjoy these just as his mom and uncles did. We've added a new heirloom to our collection, a sweet little Giraffe spoon, from Reed and Barton, courtesy of Lisa.
Here's SoJo feeding himself, or at least trying, while using the spoon.

I wish he was happier in his high chair, but alas, he would much rather be kicking about, toddling around the kitchen.
Grumpy as usual when the camera comes out, just like his dad.

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Cathy said...

that's so wonderful your son can use it now! I love Beatrix Potter. :)

Jocelyn said...

I love Peter Rabbit too! Great WW post!

Well, sadly my short tropical vacation is over and I'm back in Virginia now. We have snow flurries today and it's in the 30's here too. So you're not alone cooped up in the house with kids. ;)

CanCan (MomMostTraveled) said...

I love all of your special dishes (including the sweet spoon). We had a mug that had a 3D frog one with a 3D kitten in the bottom. it was great incentive to drink your milk!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

LOL! We love Peter Rabbit {well really anything by Potter}. My mom gave Charlie stackable boxes with Peter rabbit's story on them. I have the books of course. I should look into getting that bowl for her birthday.

Great memories for Soren {and you and your siblings} :)

angie said...

What a great family treasure! We use a plate for dinner that my husband made in first grade. Not nearly as cute, but meaningful, and the kids love it.

Jennifer said...

Awww maybe Soren is just sad that I am having surgery and will not be stopping by to visit for awhile?

Remind me to photo my giraffe spoon.

I adore the bowl and cup and spoon.

Cascia said...

That's a beautiful bowl! I can see why you and your siblings fought over it.

Marissa said...

The bunnykins bowl! I recognized it immediately. We used to have these too and I've been wanting to get some so badly for my son! Thanks for making me smile :)

Lisa S said...

He is adorable and I'm soooo glad you liked the spoon. Hope it gets lots of use!

By the way, my gramma bought my 15 year old a Peter Rabbit bowl and cup when he was born (16 years ago) and we saved it too!

blueviolet said...

You know what? I have a collection of the Bunnykins figurines!

mannequin said...

Why does he look like a little retro cowboy to me?
He certainly is a handsome little boy and he's getting cuter all the time!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

LOL! We used to have a special bowl in my house too. I recall always fighting with my sister over who would get to eat out of it.


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