Happy Father's Day!

Reasons why Mr. Geek is a great father:
  1. He gets up early with SoJo every morning and lets me sleep. I'm a night owl and both of my boys are not (6am is sleeping in for SoJo), so I really love that he lets me get a little more sleep before he goes to work.
  2. I never have to ask him to change a diaper. He just tunes in to when it's time.
  3. Anytime SoJo brings a book to him, he'll stop what he's doing and read it with him.
  4. When we have dinner together, he always is the one to feed SoJo, letting mama eat. And boy, do I like to eat, uninterrupted, I might add.
  5. When we go somewhere in the car, he's always the one to buckle SoJo in. Those car seats are a pain to buckle. I'm sure many of you agree.
  6. He's f-in funny! For example, he finds Thomas the Train pretty creepy. I had to write this because we were just talking about it and watching it really for the first time, and it was cracking me up. He joked that the show is all about conformity and social caste system, since the trains (by nature) are forced to stay on a track. Plus those trains never look each other in the eyes. Their eyeballs just go in circles, avoiding direct contact.
Happy Father's Day to one of the many #1 dads!


mannequin said...

Sounds like a winner of a Dad little Sojo's got there. All those mom perks don't sound too shabby either!
Happy Father's Day Mr. Geek.

kiddiescorner said...

That is wonderful Happy Father's Day to him!

Susie said...

What a great daddy! I hope he has a GREAT Father's Day:-)

blueviolet said...

I love how he just jumps in and does things and I particularly enjoy his take on the whole Thomas the Train thing. Thanks to your hubby, we can lift the blinders and see the truth!

JamericanSpice said...

Brings a tear to my eye. HOnestly I wish my dh was like that with our kids. It weighs on me in considering if I want more kids.

Congrats to your man for being good.

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