June 20, 2023

Father's Day Cards

Another last minute Father's Day post here. I was scrambling for cards for the dads in my life, and I hate buying them, usually because I'm not into the cheesy sentiments or the price tag ($4.75 for the ones I like! Yikes!).

So I made a simple card for one of the dads who likes to grill, with a pocket for a gift card inside.
You just need a few things, like:
*Decorative or construction paper
*Stiff paper (an empty cereal box works fine)
*glue stick or other adhesive
*envelope (optional)
*aluminum foil
I began by cutting a piece of decorative paper and a piece of the stiffer cardstock paper into the same size as the envelope I had on hand. Then I folded the decorative paper in half, and drew a slight diagonal line from top to bottom, to form the triangular sides of the apron.
Folding it in half ensures that both sides will be equal when opened up. I then traced the apron shape onto the cardstock, and cut it out.
The cardstock will be the sturdier background for the card and will prevent the gift card from slipping out.

Next, you'll need to cut a slit for the gift card. Fold the decorative paper in half again, and cut a slit half as wide as the gift card.
You'll be opening it up so the whole card will fit in the pocket.Then you'll start gluing the card together. Put glue in the areas of the cardstock that are marked in the photo below.
Leave the section in the center where the gift card will slide in free from adhesive, otherwise the gift card will stick. Also add some glue on top of and under the ribbons, which serve as the apron ties.
When your decorative paper is secured on top, you can add some grill tools. I used aluminum foil for the spatula and fork, and a piece of raffia for the marinade brush. An unraveled piece of twine would work well too. I cut some scraps of red paper for the handles. Just glue them down, and you have a pretty cool card.
I might write something pseudo-clever like "Light it Up" or "Smokin'". I need some suggestions!

Martha has some other clever handmade Father's Day cards, including this Folded Shirt card
and these adorable paper airplane cards, which would take like 2 seconds to whip up with the kids.
Enjoy your Father's Day with all of those wonderful dads in your life!


  1. That is so CUTE! We are going for the plain old construction paper and crayon approach this year, LOL!

  2. I haven't made my FIL's card yet, I'm going to do this! Thanks!!

  3. eep. The map is perfect for Mr. Man.

    Procrastinator. I never would have thought. Still, you pulled it off gracefully!

  4. Great ideas, thanks for the links! I'm thinking the shirt card would be good to make for a teacher, too - a nice "Thanks" end-of-year card for the male teachers.


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