Getting Ready for BlogHer

Though I'm still sniffling, sneezing and coughing through this cold, I'm still gearing up for my trip to Chicago and the BlogHer conference on Thursday. I hope I'm not sitting next to you on my flight from Philadelphia, cuz I'd hate to infect you with my germy sickness. My roomie is already sick, so hopefully this won't affect her. And my apologies to those of you not going to the conference, since you're probably so sick of seeing posts about it. Look away, at least until next week.

Someone recently asked me "what is this conference all about?" and my dear Mr. Geek (who's playing Mr. Mom this weekend) summed it up for him--"it's like when people go to the Elks club, it's a social thing." (do you know the Elks club? Kind of like Rotary or the Moose. My parents were memebers) I couldn't have said it better myself. Yeah, there's lots of talks on blogging, getting sponsors, and even having sponsors bring free stuff, but in the end, I just want to go for a girlfriend getaway of sorts. Not that I don't have a few real life girlfriends here that I could plan a getaway with (somehow that never comes to fruition), but meeting lots of people I've chatted with online is really exciting. And the alcohol and parties and kid-free weekend helps.

I've found myself skirting the issue about BlogHer with my real-life friends, because I'm not sure what to say. Some people (usually over 40) don't really get the whole social media thing, so I find myself just saying I'm going to Chicago to visit friends. Which is true, just not the entire truth. Do you ever feel awkward explaining your blog to non-bloggers? Especially when they ask things like "what is your website about anyway?".

So today and tomorrow, I'm going to muster up the will to pack my stuff. I copied this checklist from Plus Size Mommy, and have added a few things of my own
Plus Size Mommy's BlogHer Checklist
  • Pack your clothes. Don’t forget your special outfits for cocktails, PJ parties (dont forget your bunny slippers), dancing, a 50’s outfit or creative outfit for BowlHer 09′, casual clothing, and comfy shoes. Make sure to pack your underwear, pantyhose, and bra’s.
  • Pack your laptop, cords, webcam, mouse, and if you can an extra extension cord/power strip (sometimes they run out). Make sure to mark everything, cause after all most of them are black and look alike. (I'm adding an ethernet cable, in case wireless isn't working and I need to plug in the laptop in the room)
  • pack your camera, digital camera, flip, camcorder, or anything else you have to take video/vlogs, and pics (I'm adding my battery chargers too, for camera, iPod and cell phone)
  • pack your cell phone, but make sure it is in a convenient pocket for easy access
  • pack your money, purse, extra change for homeless people (if you like, {I don't}) and money for cabs, trains, quick snacks
  • business cards and POKEN, these are EASILY forgotten so pack both or either but make sure to pack something with your name and info. on it. You will be meeting TONS of people who you will want to network with, this is very essential. (I'm bringing an extra case for cards that I collect. I've amassed quite a collection from blog reviews already, and it's become kind of a hobby, like my cousin's grocery store key chain cards collection)
  • tickets - make sure you print out all of your confirmation info. Plane tickets, BlogHer admission tickets, party tickets, etc.. just in case you need proof that you signed up and/or RSVP’ed to different events. (according to the BlogHer site, you should print out your email registration confirmation for checking in)
  • Gum, snacks, magazines, ipod, music to listen to and keep you busy on the plane, train, or automobile
  • glasses, contacts, medication, tylenol, cosmetics, toiletries, hair brush, tooth brush, vitamins (if your flying and never flown before, check airport guidelines on how to pack certain items. They WILL make you throw away things if they are over limit, and make sure prescriptions are in normal container from the pharmacy)
  • swag - if your taking swag to hand out, don’t forget to bring it. You wont want to come home to 500 bags that now your will have to wait until the next conf. to pass out!
  • invites - if you received mailed invites/drink tickets, dont forget to bring those
  • gifts/trinkets - some people will bring little notions to give to the select few people that they talk to the most over twitter or through their blog, that they never met before. This is just something thoughtful to do, if you're able
  • stamps, although we aren’t going to be gone a whole long time, my kids love to get mail. As soon as I get in I send post cards out to them from where ever I am, it makes it a lot easier if you already have stamps to mail them with, this makes them feel happy even when mom’s gone
  • YOURSELF !!! You wont get a ton of sleep at BlogHer because there is just so much going on, it will feel like your in a whirlwind, a happy little tornado, so get plenty of sleep when you can and you will want to “BRING IT” when it comes to meeting people, PR folks, companies, and just everyone, be yourself, but make sure you show them the best you that there is. First impressions can mean a lot! Be The RAWK STAR that you ARE !!! (remember this will be a lot of people’s first time at BlogHer (including mine) so don’t be nervous or shy, it will all be fine)
So that's it! I plan to do a Tech Tuesday post later, and keep to my regular blogging schedule all week. Hopefully I'll be posting and Twittering from Chicago too.


Nicole Feliciano said...

Have a great trip. And here's a mention on Momtrends:


Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Have a great time...I wish you can pack me into your suitcase! Sounds like way too much fun!

Jennifer-EightyMPHMom said...

I hope you have the most wonderful time!! I hope you will feel much, much better before you go though. Have fun!

JamericanSpice said...

Have a great trip and I hope you start to feel better as you get there so you can really enjoy the fun!

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