Nature's Baby Organics: Now at Target!

You may have read recently about the Spanish study on the correlation between fragrance allergens in baby bath products and their affect on babies, especially since babies soak in these chemicals more so that adults, who typically shower and rinse them off. If you're looking to go organic when choosing products for your child's bath, look no further than Nature's Baby Organics.

I had a chance to try out some samples from Nature's Baby Organics and they are wonderful!
They smell so nice and worked well on my son's hair and body. We typically use Dr. Bronner's, but sometimes I just like a change, especially something that doesn't leave residue on the tub.

I love that Nature's Baby products aren't harsh on skin, and that the fragrance is subtle (the Vanilla-Tangerine was like an orange creamsicle). Although these were meant for my baby, I couldn't help using them too, and found that they worked great on my hair as well.

Owned and operated by Adena and her family, Nature's Baby Organics discloses all ingredients and explains each one's function on the website. Their products contain~
~no Parabens
~no Phthalates

~no Sulfates

~no Synthetic Fragrances

~no DEA

~no Propylene Glycol

Nature's Baby Organics makes a variety of products for babies and beyond, including shampoo & body wash, diaper creams, bubble bath, and Ah Choo Chest Rub, which would be great for winter colds.
And now 300 Target stores are carrying Nature's Baby Organic, making it easy to pick some up for yourself without shipping costs. I tried the cute travel set (perfect for taking on trips...who cares if you're not a baby, you deserve chemical-free pampering too!) and will definitely be buying more.

So please, consider supporting this organic, family-run business by checking your local Target for Nature's Baby Organics, and picking up some natural goodness for your family.


Over Coffee - the green edition said...

This is great to know cuz I have to stop at Target on my way home for kid products. I will look to see if my local Target carries these. Thanks for sharing!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

That's awesome! I LOOOOOOOVE Nature's Baby, so it's nice that I don't have to order online anymore! :)

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

I wish more stores in Indiana had it, I love their products and would love to save on shipping!

Nicole Feliciano said...

I adore this brand and am so glad it is going to be widely available. Thanks for the news.

Anonymous said...

Nature's Baby Organics is my favorite! My entire family uses it! So happy I will be able to buy at Target! (I just saw that they are also in Babies R Us) - great to see a family-run business go mainstream! Their products are the best!

Sage and Savvy said...

I only found one store here that sells it. Our Target probably won't carry it (at least not for a while). They don't carry a lot of stuff.

But I love Nature's Baby Organics too!

bacbooc said...

i love this brand too !

very good article !!
all the shower points are well taken,thank you dear!

My dear friend Ann -mother to 4 beautiful angels
(ye ,she is my daughter...) , has just published her
blog about parenthood issues , baby gears etc' (you know - life...)
, hope you find it interesting:


Lindsey said...

So cool that her products are at Target! I love her shampoo and body wash. :-)

organic aromatherapy said...

I do like Nature's baby organics. We don't do baby products, so these have become a favorite for my two toddlers. Love the delicate scent of the shampoo and I use the diaper cream for my 2 year old. Must check out the aromatherapy spray next time too. We make some pretty nice ones ourselves with organic essential oils - obviously my preference!

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