Activeion Ionator HOM Cleaning Solution {Giveaway}

I'm probably the most skeptical person I know. I've always been wary of authority and people/products trying to pull the wool over my eyes with promises of miracles. So naturally I approached my review of the Activeion Ionator Hom cleaning solution, a product that uses ionized plain tap water for cleaning, with a roll of the eyes and a silent "yeah, right." Too good to be true.
Well it does seem to be true. At least as far as my eyes can tell. I did my homework on this product, not just in the testing environment (ie. my home) but by reading some testimonials online by reputable sources. The Ionator HOM was featured on the show The Doctors, with a positive review

The Activeion Ionator works by sending an electrical charge through plain water, ionizing it. The ionized water bonds to dirt and germs, and as you wipe the surface of the thing you are cleaning, the dirt sticks to the cloth.
Water returns to its unionized state in less than a minute.

Third-party testing of The Ionator HOM concluded that it completely inactivated the 2009 H1N1 influenze A virus, when the devices were used as directed. Did I mention that this is plain tap water?

I've been using mine to clean everything from our stainless fridge
check out the dirt that came off of it, just with plain, ionized waterand in other areas around the house. It worked really well on my glasses, which are always filthy. I'm surprised at how well it cleans, and though I don't have an independent lab here to test if it's killed germs, I choose to believe it is cleaning, at least in some way. The Ionator HOM is simple to use. You just charge the battery, add water, and push the trigger.

It is recommended that you wipe away dirt with a cloth and not reuse the cloth, since the cloth will contain the dirt and germs you just got rid of. That's the only difficulty I see with the product, having to dispose of or wash cloths whenever you wipe something down.

The two best things about this product are that 1.) it's safe to use around children and pets (it's just water) and 2.) it cuts back on the use of chemical cleaners, which saves our water supplies and our household budget. The possibilities for this in educational and hospital settings is really encouraging!

The Activeion website is an encyclopedia of knowledge and research on their products, so check it out for more info on the Ionator HOM and the other professional-grade models.

One lucky K&K reader will receive their own
Activeion Ionator HOM ($169.99)
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Disclosure: I received an Ionator HOM for review purposes.


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Heather said...

Follow and tweeted - http://twitter.com/choochoo428/status/8887817376

Gianna said...

Tests confirm the ionator EXP™ and ionator HOM™ kill the H1N1 influenza A virus in six seconds, leaving behind zero chemical residue.

lilyk said...

I learned that the technology to create ionized water through water electrolysis has been around for more than 50 years.

Deb said...

I learned that it kills the 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza A Virus in six seconds. SIX SECONDS!!

Deb said...

I follow Activeion on twitter and tweeted http://twitter.com/tnshadylady/status/9163247186

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