Tech Tuesday: What I Hate About Your Blog

So it looks like Tech Tuesdays are working out to be more of a monthly thing. Forgive me, I just haven't been messing around much with technology and my blog. But please, email me any questions you'd like me to look into, or leave a comment here.

For this post, I wanted to tackle some things that drive me nuts about blogs. While that may seem crass and haughty, I'm probably not the only one who has these issues. Beyond playing music on one's blog (which is a very common complaint), here's a list of things that often bother other bloggers.

1. Simplify: Blogs that have too many widgets and gadgets. It's not the cluttered look that bothers me necessarily, but it's that those blogs take FOREVER to load when you have your Good Reads bookshelf, advertisements, Forum widgets, etc. etc.

2. Break it Up: You have very long posts with no images in them, or at least spaces between paragraphs. These huge chunks of text intimidate me. I need some breathing room between thoughts! Consider adding some clip art or a photo to make the post more dynamic.

3. Bye Bye Log-Ins: Logging in to leave comments--Ugh. Now I understand Captcha-type things (those weird security words you have to enter), since I've been dealing with comment spam and have had to enable word verification. But services like Disqus irk me because I have to log in to leave a comment, and for some reason that particular service doesn't save my login info.

4. Seizure-inducing buttons: These flashing buttons irritate my irises and make me feel like I'm going to come down with Mary Hart Syndrome. In moderation, they're ok, but when you have animated gifs all over the place, I tend to click away to save my vision.

5. Lost in no-reply land: I like to respond to comments, but I hate when I type up a perfectly-written email response, only to hit send and see it go to "no-reply-comment@blogger.com". Please leave your email or have it linked to your profile (or even on your blog, preferably on the front page).

6. Extra clicking: While this might not bother some people, I hate having to click a link to read an entire post. Like reading a paragraph, then clicking "Read More" to continue. I prefer the whole post in one page, more like a journal. While I get that you want to increase the click-count of your blog, this has often made me click AWAY from your blog instead.

7. Hard to read text: My training in college as an editor/copywriter taught me a very important lesson: make your text easily-readable. Black text on a light background is much easier to read than white text on a black background. As for fonts, serif ones (that have little "tags" on the ends) like Times New Roman are much easier to read than san-serif ones (like Ariel). Though as you can see on my blog, the design-obsession got the best of me and I chose a san-serif font for my posts.

When it comes to text, simplify. Also, I personally don't like blog posts that are entirely centered. To me, it reads like it's trying to be poetry and can be distracting.

While I admit that I'm a super-sensitive person (example, I hate when my socks get all out of line inside my shoes), I'm sure there are things that bother you about blogs (including mine...I can take it). Please share!!


Nikki said...

Great suggestions! :) Now I'm off to look at BOTH of my blogs to see what I can fix ;) Ha!

Brenna said...

I agree with all those things! I am also not a fan of the clutter or tons of buttons, I think it distracts. I am very much a minimalist though... and now of course need to run off and see how annoying my blogs are. ;)

Jennifer, A Self-Confessed Foodie said...

I agree with all of your suggestions. Also, I can't stand it when a blog starts playing music! It takes longer to load and startles me!

I also prefer full-feed subscriptions so I can stay in my reader unless I want to comment.

Thanks for your tutorial on getting your own .com a while back, I finally took the plunge but I never would have done it if you hadn't shown me how easy it really was!

Braley Mama said...

LOL, you are so funny!
I just learned how to disable my comment thing! Oh I am so low tech it hurts:)HA!
good post!

hip chick said...

I agree to most of the above. The only exception in music on blogs. I enjoy it for the most part...especially if it is my own music. However, when I find it annoying I simply hit the stop button or mute. Your other annoyances pretty much perfectly match mine.

Joanne Kennedy said...

The one I hate the most is the log on to leave a comment. I type in the whole thing then I get a message saying it didn't take and do it again. So I do, then I get a confirm word screen and click again. After about 4 or 5 tries I give up and move on.

I like the music. That way I can pick and decide if I want to listen or not.

I hate the snow effect or butterflies all around too.


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I am right with you on all of your annoyances. Lately, a lot of people are switching over to Disqus and it drives me nuts. It never saves my info either. Sometimes, when I am about to comment, I end up clicking out...too much work. Time is precious.

TheEclecticElement said...

You and me are like this *crosses fingers**...
Seriously, I agree with EVERYTHING you mentioned. I'm also very OCD when it comes to things, so I understand where your coming from :)
Those are all great tips!!

Rita A. said...

I get irritated at the music. It may be your type but not always the readers.

sunnymum said...

Well said! I agree heartily with "simplify." If I can't find the actual posts on a blog because of all the extras and flashy buttons, I leave.

Becca said...

LOL Your post pretty much summed up my complaints about others' blogs and sometimes my complaints about my own!!!

I'm most guilty of not enough pictures!

Annette said...

One of my annoyances is the brightly colored fonts. They're ok to emphasize on a certain word every once in a while. But an entire post in yellow font...well, I just leave.

Music bothers me too as it takes forever to load the page.

GIF's and blinkies...are fun/cute in moderation.

I just recently discovered your blog while Googling blogger tricks. I love your Tech Tuesday posts!

JamericanSpice said...

Oooooh hot dog say it again and louder! I shake my head yes! vigorously with all your list! ESP #5!

Here is my question boo. I want a wordpress looking theme for blogger. Where do I go?

Kari @ A Giveaway Addicted Mommy said...

First and Foremost - You are a genius. What a great post title. You surely got me wanting to read right away AND I agreed with (I think) everything!

But honestly - I will put up with everything if everyone would ban the music on their sites. I have lost years off my life turning on the sound on my computer only to find that one of the open windows has music playing and then practically peeing my pants from the shock.

This post just solidified what I already knew. You rock.

Carrie said...

Music is my number one pet peeve, especially since sometimes my baby is sleeping next to me and I'll unsuspectingly click on a link and BAM-- music that shocks the jeepers out of both of us! It's very jarring at midnight when I'm trying to have some "down time" while the rest of the house sleeps.

Jingle said...

I am right there with you on pretty much all of these! The other one that gets me is loud music that automatically plays - some of us read blogs at work - that is dangerous. Just say'n. LOL! Plus...I often have my own music on at home and it just turns into a jumbled mess!

TroxelTribe said...

I agree! Especially on the easily-readable black text on light background. Nothing makes me hit the back button faster than a dark background.

I also hate it when people's pictures, or buttons, or whatever consistently don't load. I HATE seeing that "X" and it makes me think that the site isn't cared about or cheap.

Amy W said...

First of all - I AGREE. I had to read all the comments to see if anyone else said anything about your posts not showing up entirely in a reader. I use the Google reader in particular, and I always have to click over to read the rest of your posts. Might want to check on that.

Brenna said...

Amy W.- I use Google reader too and the posts are there in their entirety... not sure whay that would be different?

Hobo Mama said...

I agree. I also dislike captcha when I have a lot of comments to enter (as in a giveaway). How do you feel about logging into a Google/Blogger or OpenID account to comment on a Blogger blog? I was getting tons o' spam so switched off anonymous comments and have gotten mixed reactions from readers (as in, some don't care, and some miss being able to type in their URL or not log in). But no one liked the spam, so it's a toss-up for me between captcha & requiring log-in.

My understanding is that serif fonts are easier to read in print and sans serif on screens, probably because they can be resized smaller and still be legible. At least, that's my eyes' experience!

The worst for me is the white text on black background. I hate that when I look away I see spots. I try to read those blogs only in a reader, or not at all. I've even copied and pasted into a text editor so I can avoid the visual assault.

Hobo Mama said...

P.S. I just checked my reader, and your entire posts are showing for me, too. Maybe it's a personal settings issue?

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