Tech Tuesday: To Full-Feed or Not to Full-Feed

If you subscribe to my blog, you may have noticed that I decided to publish full feeds again, rather than just a teaser. I tend to read a lot of blogs through email subscriptions and I thought that I'd change my feed so people can read my blog via subscription.
The reason I had gone to the shortened version (usually the first 200 words of a post) is that I was concerned about all of my photos taking a while to load in a reader or email. I've never personally experienced it while reading other feeds, but I have a feeling that if the photos take a while to load in the feed, that they are probably the same way on my blog, for people with slower internet connections.

One might balk at this, thinking that I'm missing out on readers clicking over to my blog to read the rest of the post, therefore getting more blog traffic and more statistical page views, but frankly, I just don't care. I'm happy just to have people reading the drivel that I write, and if this somehow affects reviews and giveaways, so be it. While I like doing PR stuff, it's not my main purpose of this blog (though sometimes it seems to take over).

So how did I change my feed settings? I use Feedburner, so I logged into my account.

Then I clicked on the "Optimize" tab and clicked the last link on the left-hand sidebar that says "Summary Burner" (circled in red below).
If your feed is in summary mode, there will be a little check mark next to this on the left.

Next, you'll see the summary area. Just click the button that says "deactivate" and you'll be good to go. However, if you'd like to do a summary feed, you can activate it and also change how many words are shown in the summary and have a personal message--which are circled in green below.
That's it. If you use Feedblitz or another feed source, I'm sure it's just as easy to make these changes.

So what's your opinion about feed summaries? Like it or hate it?


MiaKatia said...

Thank you so much for going full feed. I am about 90% more likely to comment when I can read it full length in my reader!

Amy W said...

I like it so much better with the full feed. Maybe you've noticed, but I'm more likely to comment as well. Oh, and especially if I win a giveaway. :)

Lindsey said...

I prefer full feed, and it doesn't stop me from going to the website and commenting. :-) I'm actually more likely to visit the site if I see a post I want to visit.

This is a great post! Going to tweet it now. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the full feed since I read a lot of my blogs on my iPhone in google reader. - danielle

Cindy said...

One of my students told me about your blog. I've been following for about a month. I don't read much because I follow so many blogs and prefer to read them on my reader. I didn't click often over to the full post because frankly it takes time to do that with every blog I read. Now I can read your full post! Thanks! You have a lot of good things to say. I'm no longer passing you by so you do actually get more readers this way.

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad you offer full feeds. I much prefer them. In fact, I have been known to delete blogs from my feedreader that only offer partial feeds.


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