my inner compass was broken

On a whim I decided to take SoJo to the local zoo this morning. And by "zoo", I mean animal preserve with deer, goats, peacocks and a few wild ones thrown in. Not a big-time lions and tigers and polar bears zoo.
After a few days of cold rain, I HAD to get out of the house. We spent a few hours this morning (the kid gets up before 6am, so mornings are super-long) puddle jumping around the 'hood since the rain had ended and S had new rain boots to try out. Then mama thought, "we'll go to the zoo!" Since it's only at most, a half an hour away, I decided to do it, even though it was spur-of-the-moment and still overcast outside.
It took me over an hour to find the darned place! Mommy brain made me forget the directions at home, which I had written out (there were only 4 roads to take, back roads at that). I'm usually good at following my "inner compass" but not today. I had to call Mr. Geek and have him get me there, and then I got lost again! I should have followed what he told me, but then I saw a sign for the preserve and decided to follow that. Big mistake. After a detour and a near-crying spell, we found it.
We walked around and muddled through the arctic breezes blowing through the park.
I think there may have been 10 people there, including employees. I imagine most people were not as stupidly desperate as me and will wait until it gets warmer.

SoJo's favorite part, other than picking up rocks and trying to hurl them into the swan pond, was feeding the fish.
How cool that the zoo had a little playground? After sitting in the car and stroller, it was perfect for S to stretch his legs.
I didn't get too many photos, with how chilly it was. Plus I'm not one to sit and look through tons of photos of zoo animals from past visits to zoos in my life.
Our way out was about as traumatic as our way in. Turns out to exit the zoo, one must drive their vehicle ACROSS the creek. Not over the creek, via a bridge, but literally through it (I wish I had taken a photo). Excuse my abbreviated swearing, but WTF? After days of rain, there were a few inches covering the "road" and I'm not taking any chances being stranded in our Ford Focus with a toddler.

We stopped along the creek to throw rocks and for me to make up my mind to just drive down the entrance road (which had a Do Not Enter sign on it). Oh well, let the zoo police drag me away in chains. There will be no fording the Jordan Creek in my Ford. The whole experience has really made me appreciate the simple necessity and pleasure of a bridge.

I didn't take any chances with the ride home and stuck to the main roads. Right now I'm enjoying So's naptime, sipping hot coffee and typing. With warm, dry feet. Ah, the simple pleasures--including bridges.


Cindy said...

Fun times right :) I would have went the wrong way for sure. (hold on kids here we go) LOL

When my kids were babies we were members of Metro Zoo in Miami. Did you know if you become friends of the zoo and buy a year pass you can go to many zoo's in the country for free? So that's what we did one year on vacation. We hit Tampa, Atlanta and Nashville zoo and a few smaller ones in between. BTW Nashville has a really cool playground! and it's HUGE!

Was great you got out. I know how small the walls can get with little ones when the sun doesn't shine.

Naomi said...

He looks thrilled! I love going to the zoo on off days like that, so much better to see the animals when you're not rushed and crowded. Or scared of losing your kids in the throngs. Plus it always seems like the animals are friskier.

Muthering Heights said...

Oh my goodness...you must have been so flustered!

I'm glad that you were both able to enjoy the day though! :)

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

What an adventure. Through a creek, that is crazy! At least you got out of the house for a while to let some energy out!

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