they really have it all

Looking for cribs or a Frank Gehry chair or a Le Creuset dutch oven (I am!)? Last year I hosted a giveaway for CSN Stores for some modern plates from notNeutral and they're kindly letting me review an item of my choice out of the hundreds of thousands of products from their 200+ stores. I'm choosing a picnic backpack, since it's getting to be that time of year and I'm feeling lazy about stuffing my motley crew of containers into a basket.
I like that this Concept International Riva picnic backpack has a cooler in it, and frankly after years of trying to look cool carrying my granny's picture-perfect vintage basket, my arm needs a break.

The best part about CSN stores is that shipping is free on most items. Add that to the great deals on nearly everything under the sun and you've found the go-to place to shop.

Disclosure: I will receive a voucher from CSN Stores toward an item of my choice for review. Look for that picnic backpack in some upcoming posts!


nicole said...

love this-just what i was looking for- thanks for the link!

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