shamelessly looking for votes

I don't often do this, but wanted to make a quick plea for your votes if you have the time. I entered a contest at Classy Mommy to win a Cedar Play House for SoJo and it's a voting one. Ugh. If you have a moment, I'd appreciate it if you cast a vote for me (Kathleen Walck). No registration required. You may just want to enter for yourself too!

And a reader, Nancy, asked if I could mention that she is a finalist in the Goodnites Bedtime Stories contest ($2500 prize!). Vote for her story, "Thirteen Arms Are Better Than Four: by Nancy, Greensboro, NC." Follow the green Vote buttons to get to the page with the actual voting. If you get an error message at first, try again and it will go through. You must register on the site for this vote.

Thanks readers! I'll gladly return the favor if you ever are in a voting contest.

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