May 3, 2023


To wet our feet for our upcoming trip to Disney World next week, I took S to Knoebel's Amusement Resort on Saturday. My cousin from Georgia was visiting with her husband and 2 kids, so we thought it would be fun to meet up at our old summer stomping grounds--Knoebels.
Since we both grew up only miles away from the amusement park, we spent a lot of time there during our youth, at least until she moved to Georgia in middle school. Naturally, we wanted to relive our memories through the kids' eyes.
It's a really great family-friendly park, where you don't need to pay to park your car or visit the park. You just buy tickets and pay as you go. Most of the kiddie rides we went on were $.75 each, and adults often got to ride free with the kid.
They also have great food, like hand-cut french fries and the best black raspberry soft serve ice cream.
Sometimes they even have tea-berry, which I have no clue what it is but it's a local flavor. Soren's favorite rides were the two trains, one of which goes through the park
and the other of which goes into the woods and through tunnels. That was so exciting for him!
I should have sat in front so I could get better photos. It was difficult to get good shots that day since I was solo--Mr. Geek is not much into fun, you know.

Soren also loved the coin-operated backhoes. He's a boy, after all.
Before we went home, we stopped by my aunt's house (formerly my grandparents') and let the kids play like we used to. They loved running up and down the outside basement doors.
I love when the boys hugged each other. (...melt...)
Check out those filthy feet! To me that certainly a sign of a day well-lived by a kid. If you're ever in central PA, definitely make a trip to Knoebels (pronounced KA-nobles in the colloquial, coal-cracker way). It's one of the best parks I've ever been to.

What are your local treasures?


  1. Oh, I want to go!!! Looks really awesome.

  2. Your little boy is so cute and it looks like he truly had a blast!

    In Western Pa we frequent Kennywood and Idewild. I prefer Idewild as it appeals to the younger kids and the older ones equally as well!

    But Kennywood is a bit closer.

    In any case, it's time for some summer amusement!

  3. One of the first vacations I remember taking as a kid was to Storybook Forest. I remember jumping back and forth through the keyhole and being mad that I couldn't pull the Sword from the Stone because it was bolted in place. Because I just KNEW I could have pulled the sword from the stone and become Queen if it weren't for that bolt.

  4. What a FUN day!!! He looks so cute on the little backhoe!

  5. How fun!! Looks like he's ready for Disney!! We have Worlds of Fun in Kansas City for a pretty good amusement park. My husband & the girls had season passes last summer since I'm not much of a roller coaster girl. They had a blast!

  6. That looks like fun, I am shocked they do not charge to get in!

    Now, that picture of the boys just made my heart melt...too cute!


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