Great Gifts for Budding Yogis

Mr. Geek has become quite smitten with yoga.  He awakes at 4:45 each morning to try and squeeze in an hour of yoga before SoJo gets up.  I'm amazed and proud of his dedication to the practice, and yes, I get the benefit of admiring his perfect body. :)

He was recently sent the Slip Free, Wash and Stretch package from Aurorae Yoga, which includes a rosin bag, organic yoga mat spray, a strap and a sport sweat towel.  For just under $30, it's a great gift for the yogi in your life.
The rosin bag is a nice product for gripping the mat, and isn't something that the Mister had used in his practice before.
He takes the towel to a weekly yoga class, where it's helpful for mopping up sweat (it's Ashtanga, people) while still remaining soft.
The Yoga Mat Wash has a pleasant scent, and seems to work well with removing stinky feet smells from the mat, at least the one I occasionally use.
While we already had a strap, it's nice to have 2 for more intricate poses, or even if both of us might do a few poses together.
I know it will come in handy for me during my pregnancy, for the later stages when I'm not so flexible.  I think reaching for my toes will be quite comical in another 6 months.
Aurorae Yoga has many other fine yoga items available through their Amazon store.  From mats (I love the gradated color in the Northern Lights mat)
to blocks and beyond, you'll definitely find something nice for the yogi on your gift-giving list.  You can keep up with Aurorae on Facebook and Twitter too.

Aurorae yoga mats include illuminating colors, focal point icon, extra long and extra thick yoga mats as well as yoga bags, and yoga accessories.  Browse their best reviewed yoga mats, yoga bags and yoga accessories for all your yoga needs.
Disclosure: I received the items mentioned in this post free of charge for review purposes.


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