December 6, 2023

Decorating with Paper

I'm getting a bit nutty with the Christmas decorating, Mr. Geek would certainly concur.  It's hard to hold back when sitting in front of a stack of pretty scrapbook paper and wanting to cut, fold, glue staple and sew it into little garlands and frillies to deck the halls and windows and all in between.
I'm in love with paper chain garlands.  They're so simple to make, and can really be made with scraps of anything--newspaper, ribbons, construction paper, you name it.  I cut strips of paper on the paper cutter, then sat on the couch and taped them together.

I also love sewing paper together.  I cut out circles from double-sided scrapbook paper, then sent them though the sewing machine, chaining them together as I stitched.
Start with a long tail (let the machine just sew nothing for a while) then start feeding the circles through.  You can leave a lot or a little space in between.
Then hang your garland someplace that needs some merriment, and maybe where passing breezes might tickle it into movement (please excuse the poetic corniness).
Pretty and cheap!
Plus you can just fold them up for next year too.


  1. I did this with felt but what a great way to use up scrapbook papers in a cute way, too! Love it! :)

  2. Oh those are so fun! You are very creative!

  3. These are just too, too cute!!! Thanks for the tutorial, 'cause you know we're gonna want to copy them! Again, dar-ling!


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