Less than A Hundred

Thanks to my creepy baby countdown widget hovering over there in my sidebar (------>), I realized that in just under a hundred days, my life will change, yet again, with the birth of baby #2.

Here's what I'm lookin' like lately:
Definitely grounded, not unlike a beached whale (hahaha) but pleasantly happy.  I'm really trying to enjoy this pregnancy, most likely my last (direct questions and queries to The Mister on that one), and thus far it's been pretty smooth sailing.

It's funny how one's belly changes with the days--just the other night, I awoke in bed to feel a head or butt wedged into the side of my belly, as the baby was lying transverse. I was wondering why I looked weird at SoJo's party, well at least I noticed more flabbiness under the upper bulge.

Soren's been excited to meet this baby, and keeps telling me that he's going to help change the baby (ie. bring me diapers and wipes) and play with him (her?) and share his toys. I'm holding him to his word, right here in black and white and in HTML on this blog. :)

We're keeping busy, muddling through yet another cold snap here in Pennsylvania. Let's hope it's the last.  My son is painting thunderstorms (seriously, that's what he told me this picture was), so he's certainly thinking summertime.
Now to you, dear readers: any tips on savoring or preparing for a second pregnancy? I think I must be missing something, since so far it's been pretty easy.  Though the third trimester is rapidly approaching, as I'm now 26 weeks.


Amanda said...

Congrats! I love how serious he looks in his painting! :)


Over Coffee - the green edition said...

You look beautiful! I really enjoyed being pregnant but don't miss the baby days ;-)

blueviolet said...

I actually really enjoyed my second pregnancy too. I loved the birthday being in the summer time because I could wear the light, flowy clothes during those last 3 months.

You look so pretty!

Jessica Heights said...

Rub your belly often, take LOTS of pictures, and try to pay as close attention to the baby's movements as you can...that always helped me to pause to enjoy a pregnancy while wrangling other kids! :)

*Ross and Katy* said...

I just found your blog and started following for a few reasons:

1) I LOVE easy kid-friendly craft projects
2) My name IS Katy :)
3) We're due within DAYS of each other! Our baby is supposed to come around July 11th so we're both having Summer babies :)

I was pretty excited to find your blog with the crafts because I keep our church nursery twice a week and I'm always looking for easy crafts. I've been going through old entries and I can't WAIT to try some of these out!

Oh, and I saw you just got back from Disney and I'm super jealous. That's where my hubby and I went for our honeymoon last year. I hope you enjoyed it :)

Amy W said...

I always kept a pregnancy journal. I went back and read it a few months ago, and I can't believe how much I had already forgotten! I know I didn't take enough belly photos either. I was weird about having pictures taken while pregnant, and now I regret it.

Ammie said...

Wow! This milestone makes me feel like you are a lot farther along than I am. :) I also have been trying to steal moments of stillness to feel this baby wiggle. I talk with Kid. often about what he can do with his li'l bro, just like you do with Soren. :) Still, I haven't focused on my pregnancy at all in the same way I did with Kid.

It's so fun to see your pretty pregnant self, and I love Soren's happy thunderstorm paintings. (We're having a cold spell here, too, but I'm welcoming it. Spring needs to last a little longer, I think, before summer bursts in on us in the near south.)

Heidi said...

Just enjoy every moment of it. :) I never had the opportunity to enjoy a full-term 2nd or 3rd pregnancy; and my first was so long ago now (over 17 years). Time passes so quickly!

I'm sick of the cold weather we're experiencing here in PA. :) I think you were in FL the weekend it was actually WARM up here.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Congratulations on such a fast and easy pregnancy! And you do NOT look like a beached whale-You look like a beautiful, glowing expectant mother :)

And I do have to admit, that little widget is pretty creepy if I do say so myself O.o

I love that last picture-That look of pure concentration on his face is just priceless!!

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