Presenting: The Big Boy Room

Soren's new room is nearly complete--well, in terms of furnishing.  The walls and trim still need painting, but that will happen when the weather is a little nicer and the windows can be opened to air out the room.
I didn't really have a color scheme in mind for this room, just something colorful and fun. I liked the duvet set, from Ikea, which seemed boyish and added some punch to the room.
Despite his excitement about the room, Soren has yet to sleep in the bed; I'm thinking that we'll start working on getting him transitioned into the space when we return from the Disney Social Media Moms conference next week.

We have moved his dresser in here, so I get him dressed in the room just to get him used to it now being his room.  I decided against using the old dresser my mom brought up from my brother's old room; it was just too hard to open and close.  We opted to use Soren's previous dresser, which was a hand-me-down from our bedroom.
The decor on the walls is mostly left over from the playroom. Once the walls are painted, I'll change the artwork around.
I do love this photo of him from our last trip to the beach.  He's so happy in it.  Is it weird to have a large scale photo of your child hanging in his own room?  Soren loves the photo, and often talks about his visit to the beach when he sees it.

I like that the room has 3 large windows, making it bright and cheery, though not so conducive  to photography (I need to learn how to take a back-lit photo one of these days).
Sigh. My little boy is growing up.  Now dealing with keeping him in bed all night!


Muthering Heights said...

It looks ADORABLE!! The tricycle print on the wall is so fun. You did a nice job! :)

Braley Mama said...

love love love it all! Especially the India Map,,,where did you get that??? He will do great mama!!! HUGS!

Ammie said...

The room looks great. And I think it's more than appropriate to post a large photo of your child in his room. Kidoodle loves pictures of himself, too, in a completely sweet childlike way.

blueviolet said...

I want that room for myself! When I visit you, Soren is totally being kicked out of his room so I can stay in there. I insist. ;)

sheena@sophistishe.com said...

I love it! We're still working on Jay's room. He has a striped comforter with a touch of lime as well!

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