Wordless Wednesday: Disney World!

We'll be heading to the Disney Social Media Moms conference tomorrow (follow the stream on Twitter under #DisneySMMoms if you're interested), and we couldn't be more excited for the trip.
Last year at Soren's favorite spot, The Boneyard, in Animal Kingdom
I must admit that I'm not the world's biggest Disney fan, kind of a shocker considering how many Disney fanatics will be attending the conference.  Though I can say that I'm a huge fan of Walt Disney World, having been there half a dozen times.  It's such a perfectly organized, delightful place to visit, with or without kids.  The cast members have always been positively friendly and helpful, particularly with young kids (the First Aid center was great).
I'm hoping to blog/tweet/facebook updates from the conference, but sometimes it's easier and more fun to just get swept up in the moment, rather than trying to document it.
On the "film roll" slide in the Honey I Shunk the Kids play space in Hollywood Studios
This trip will be our last hurrah as a threesome before the baby comes in July.  We're looking forward to just the three of us leisurely enjoying the parks one last time.
I'm also looking forward to meeting the other bloggers who will be at the conference, though I am a little apprehensive when meeting new people (will they like me? think I'm too weird, etc.--the usual high school stuff).
Hoping for a quick and safe voyage!  Until my next update...


Heidi said...

I'm jealous because I'm a total Disney freak! I want to be a Social Media Mom too! Have fun.

blueviolet said...

I LOVED you (still do) when I met you so don't you even worry. Everyone is gonna think you're a treasure. :)

Have a blast!

Gem said...

Have been to Disney a few times, but haven't been to Disney World...can't wait to take the kids one day!

Baba said...

If I was younger and not so wrinkled I'd love to be going! Have fun there!

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