Caillou's Come to Play

We parents and kids get bombarded with tons of cartoon characters, though in our house, one special little guy is a hanger-on when it comes to my son--Caillou.
I actually like Caillou, despite his whiny voice, because he's so representative of a typical preschooler.  His adventures are pretty ordinary and relate-able to kids, and I think that's why Soren likes him so much.

As a member of Team Mom, I was able to try out some newly-released Caillou toys, including the Bath Time Vehicle, featuring Caillou and our second favorite cat (after our own Oscar, of course), Gilbert.
Soren so enjoys playing with this in the sink and the tub. He's recently started becoming more imaginative in his play, so it's fun to eavesdrop on the stories and conversations he's making up about Caillou and Gilbert.
We also received the Caillou Doll, which is large and cuddly and is easily washable.  We gifted this to our friend Lili, also a wee Caillou fan, and she likes it too.
I think it would be a nice doll to hug and love both while watching the show and while sleeping.  Plus kids can dress and undress Caillou, which I find is always fun for little fingers to do.

Caillou toys can be found at stores in your area, as well as 272 participating Toys R Us stores and the following e-commerce sites:   www.toysrus.com, www.fao.com, www.kohls.com, and www.tystoybox.com
Disclosure: As a member of Team Mom, I received a Caillou Doll and Bath Time Vehicle set for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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