Cookouts Veggie Style! Book Review

It's Memorial Day, and though we did our grilling out yesterday, I'm looking forward to grilling and cooking my way through this cookbook, Cookouts Veggie Style! all summer long.
Being that my family and I are primarily vegetarian, it's often hard to come up with some interesting, tasty ideas for using our charcoal grill.  Yes, it's easy to throw a frozen veggie burger on the grates, but that gets tiresome after a while.

Cookouts Veggie Style by Jolinda Hackett, has plenty (225, in fact) creative options, using everything from vegetables, tofu, fruit,  meat substitutes and even unusual fare like popcorn.  I'm eager to try my hand at grilling Mojito Marinated Tofu as well as

I like that this book not only offers great recipes for grilling, but there's also a section for Off the Grill fare like salads and sides, dishes which I love to make and but am often longing for some variety in making.  I also like that there are plenty of tips and suggestions for prepping the grill for cooking veggies.  There are some things that I learned, just by reading the first chapter.

My one complaint about the book is that there are very few photographs of the foods.  I much prefer cookbooks that are illustrated with photos, since sometimes my imagination is lazy and doesn't want to fill in the blanks about what a dish might look like.  All in all, Cookouts Veggie Style! is a book that's not going to be collecting dust on my shelf this summer.
Disclosure: I received a copy of Cookouts Veggie Style! for review purposes.


Mae Kurt said...

I'm not a fan of veggie dishes but I think you're right when you say that this cook book is real good. I miss tofu

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