Procrastination and Panic

I'm having a rough couple of days here, mostly because I'm a highly organized (bordering on obsessive) person and I'm panicking about all the things I want to get done before this baby arrives.  I mean, check out the sidebar ticker--I have 8 weeks at the most!
Don't let that smile fool you.  Just look at that huge belly--it's almost time! And that wall paper is a little sneak peek at the room.

I'm most worried about getting the nursery together, not because the baby will be sleeping in there necessarily, but because there's no way I'll have time to fix up the nursery once he/she arrives.  Being with two kids alone all day is already freaking out my sense of order and timeliness in getting just the general stuff like meals and laundry done.
I'm trying to rope some family and friends into helping paint the room. It's truly a mess! The walls are all banged up, holey from things I've drilled and hammered into the walls, and the moldings are atrocious and haven't been painted since the previous owners.
And we need a doorknob!  I'm embarrassed to admit that the door has been like this for quite a while, even when Soren was using this room as his nursery.
I generally adore our old house, however there are so many quirks and weird measurements that never add up to "normal" renovations.  Chris was going to replace the crappy doorknob months ago, but didn't realize until after drilling the hole that the door was too thin for a standard knob.  Somehow we'll get that fixed, eventually.
And the crib---well that has to be repositioned to the highest level.  Aaaaghhh! I'm overwhelmed with tasks!  Plus, where in the world have I stashed all the crib sheets?

Thankfully the dresser and wardrobe have arrived; the wardrobe is in pieces all over the room, in the process of being put together.  And the paint is here too, which I'm eager to get on the walls along with the wallpaper.  The paint is from Yolo Colorhouse, which manufactures gorgeous, eco-friendly colors with low VOCs.  I went with Stone .04, a soothing light gray.

I really just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the last few weeks of this pregnancy.  But of course, the nesting instinct is making me insane, wanting to re-caulk our horrible bathtub, sew burp cloths, finish the mobile I started making, sort and wash baby clothes, and de-gunk the fridge.  There are too many things on my mental to-do list.  What's the most crazy thing that you've done as a result of nesting before your baby?  I'm fighting the urge to scrub the pantry closet and lay down contact paper on the shelves.

I'm sure you're wondering what the hold-up is with getting the nursery together?  Stay tuned--it will be worth the wait, and the surprise.


Jessica Heights said...

Well, if there would ever be a time to go blazing through your to-do list...this is it! :)

I'm looking forward to the big reveal!

mummytotwoboys said...

I have less than 8 weeks left as well, I think I am in denial lol

Beagle mommy said...

Kathleen you know how I love to paint and Taylor comes home today. We'd love to help!!

Braley Mama said...

so exciting! Before each baby I was going crazy if anything was left undone, i would even move furniture myself at 9mos:OP Can't wait to see!

Gem said...

Can't believe only a few more weeks!!!

Well, our house is still a mess and baby has been here for several weeks already. His "nursery" is still not even finished! Now that's bad...LOL!

Amy Warden said...

The stuff that HAS to get done will get done. That's just how it is. Cute wallpaper! :)

Royal Ranch said...

Turn your mental to do list into a written to do list so that you can scratch things off as you are getting them done. Not only do you see yourself making progress, but your brain feels less jumbled with the list itself!

Good luck and you and the room are looking wonderful. As another commenter said, everything that absolutely HAS to get done...will get done!

Ammie said...

:) Nesting can be hysterical, in all senses of the word. Your wall paper is LOVELY, and I can't wait to see the nursery. Babies don't need doorknobs, although a finished room can feel so soothing and restful, and that is a certain plus in a nursery. Maybe the charms of your old house will hide some of its worn parts. . . ;) May your final weeks (and mine) be only as speedy as you wish them to be.

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