Reflecting on Motherhood

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I've been reflecting on what it is to be a mother, especially since I'll be experiencing it for the second time this July.

While motherhood for me has certainly not always been a picnic, it has brought out some of the best qualities in me, and has shown me that I possess lots of strength, endurance and humor, even in the most dire of circumstances, like tantrums, naked diaper-avoidance sprints throughout the house, and food fights.
S and his usual energetic self
In participation with Johnson’s “Treasuring Everyday Joy” campaign, I've compiled a list of things that no one tells you about motherhood.  Despite the humor, they really are things that make me happy about having kids, especially because some of them really do fill you with laughter and joy.
  • Babies will not necessarily sleep wherever you'd like them to.  Usually within mama's arms is their favorite spot, even if you're trying to wash dishes or get dressed.
  • You learn to juggle more things than you'd ever imagine. Try pouring milk while holding a wriggling toddler in one arm, holding a toy in your mouth, and gesturing at the cat to get off the table.  All while your phone is ringing.
  • When it comes to eating, a long hot shower, and sex, most of the time I'd choose the shower.
  • For some children, like my son, there is no toy that will occupy their time more than mommy or daddy.  Believe me, I would have paid 100s of dollars if I found the thing that would entertain him for more than 15 minutes (other than the hole in our attic wall that he loves to chisel at with his toy hammer).
  • Just when you think you've found any predictability about your child (sleeping, eating, pooping), they throw you a curve ball.
  • It really doesn't get easier as they get older; it just is different. Some things are easier, but new issues float to the surface (goodbye diapers, hello potty training!).
  • That you'll have to watch, read, eat and listen to the same things over and over and over and over again.  Let's just say I buried Goodnight Moon and can't stand hearing the song "Blitzkrieg Bop" anymore.
  • You'll find yourself exclusively calling your spouse "Daddy", as if you're one of those creepy old couples calling each other "Mother" and "father"
  • You'll find yourself getting over-the-top excited ("Look! Look!") when you have to stop the car for a train, holiday lights, an off-highway dump truck, or even Elmo. I used to dread when the train crossing made me late for work, though now I've actually done a U-turn so my son could see it.
  • You'll have more conversations about poop with your girlfriends with kids that you seriously ever thought.
Despite these issues, I really wouldn't trade motherhood for anything.  I can't imagine not seeing that sweet face every morning, or smelling that yeasty baby breath or hearing so much laughter in the house.  Motherhood has changed and challenged me for the better, and for that (along with my son), I'm thankful.
My first Mother's Day: tears and all--and not just Soren's
In honor of Mother's Day, Johnson's will donate $1 to the March of Dimes with every “promise” (“like”) made at  facebook.com/johnsonsbaby.

Johnson’s will also be hosting a series of photo contests on its Facebook page beginning in May. Selected monthly winners will receive one of a variety of prizes and be eligible for the $25,000 Grand Prize, to be announced in January 2012.

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Johnson’s and received Johnson’s Baby products and a  promotional item and to facilitate my review.


blueviolet said...

I wouldn't trade it for anything either! But I really wish I could push repeat and do it again!

Ammie said...

I love the photo of the two of you, Soren crying and you smiling. Ah, the newborn days. I am looking forward to them. ;P My son has truly given me the best days (and the very, very hardest) of my life, and my life is amazingly rich, full, and happy now that he is here.

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