Jude at 3 Months

Well, I've made it though some of the hardest first weeks of a baby's life, and in general, living with Jude has been pretty easy.
Jude is a pleasant little fellow, a good sleeper, and I think he may have reddish hair like mine (pumps fist into the air).  Ok, that's a pretty shallow thing to write, but since he looks almost identical to my husband, I was hoping for at least one thing similar to myself, other than his oh-so-pleasant temperament, of course.

Some other things that define Jude at 3 months:
  • He smiles A LOT, especially when mommy is around and singing.  And he likes to have conversations with us (favorite sound is "ellll", fave songs are "Old MacDonald" and "Blackbird")
  • He sleeps deliciously long stretches at night, then will easily go back to sleep (unless mama decides to smile at him during a diaper change, then I'm done for)
  • He's able to hold his head up longer when carried
  • Still loves the sling and the upright carriers.  He actually has never been on a stroller ride yet!
  • He's gotten better at being in his car seat, and mostly falls asleep on car rides, a far cry (pun intended) from a few weeks ago.
  • He loves baths, except for getting out into the cold air.
  • Still likes to be swaddled during sleep.
  • He enjoys looking at his toys, and so intently watches them, as seen below.
I so love this little guy, who has really restored my faith in myself as a mother.  What a difference having an easy baby makes for one's self esteem as a parent!  All the time, Chris and I think "wow, this is why people say you'll miss these days."

I can't wait to see what this month's changes are.


Natalie Jane said...

Oh my word yes! I thought I was a terrible mother with my first baby. Then I had my second and I realized I'm a great mother. My first baby was just crazy!

Ammie said...

Oh, my! He's so gorgeous. :D

I'm glad you're feeling more confident this time around. And hooray that Jude likes his carseat better. Kitten baby loves his swing and falls asleep so well in the car. It totally thwarts my babywearing! ;) No. I'm teasing. A happy baby can't thwart anything.

I love Natalie Jane's comment, too.

I've been reading that breastfeeding increases a mama's confidence, and I've been thinking a lot about why that might be. I certainly feel much more satisfied and confident nursing my baby and am so happy to so easily comfort him. I also think stress eats at confidence, and happy babies are so often a joy and so very rarely stressful.

I love sweet babies!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

What a little handsome man he is! I love both pictures of him :)

And he's getting so BIG!

Naomi said...

He does look just like C! So serious compared to that scoundrel big brother of his, who must obviously take after his mama...

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