Natural Sleep Sacks for Babies by Merino Kids

Living in an old (read: drafty) house has its drawbacks, particularly in winter and particularly with young children.  I'm constantly worrying about whether or not they have on enough layers, and if their hands are too chilly.

With Jude, it's crucial that he's comfortable, especially at night.  Sleep sacks are a great addition to his nighttime wardrobe, because as you probably know, blankets are a no-no for babies. Not only do they kick them off while sleeping, but they can get tangled in them or be wedged up against them, causing suffocation.
Please mom, keep me warm!
While I have used a variety of cotton and fleece sacks for both boys, I do find that the fleece ones sometimes make the boys too hot, evidenced by the sweaty feet that I come upon during midnight diaper changes.  However I really love the wool/cotton blend of the luxurious Merino sleep sacks from Merino Kids.
These sleep sacks accommodate infants and babies up to 24 months old, so one need not worry about buying multiple sacks to keep up with growth spurts. 

Designed to be used in room temperatures of 64-75 degrees, the Merino Sleep Sleep Sack helps keep babies comfy without overheating.  According to the Merino Kids site, the Merino Sleep Sack
"captures and circulates air to insulate your baby when the room temperature falls, and releases excess body heat and moisture as the room temperature rises, to create the perfect safe micro-climate around their body."
The 100% natural fabrics--a cotton outer fabric and wool liner--are so soft.   Even the wool, which can sometimes be scratchy, was so silky, but then again Merino wool is premium stuff and is even allergy-safe.  A friend who felt it said she never would have guessed it was wool!  The fabrics aren't fussy either, in fact I needed to spot clean a poopy stain and the fabric worked quite well in handling a cleaning.
Wool interior lining in a classy beige color.
In addition to its comfort properties, the Merino Sleep Sack is also extremely easy to put on babies.  The entire sack zips open, so you don't have to maneuver a squirmy baby into the sack.
You just slip one arm into one armhole, zip up the sack, then snap the other armhole--simple!  There are even snaps under the arms that allow you to make the sack more snug for smaller and younger babies.  Even the quality and durability of the zipper, seen below, is top notch.
Did I mention that I love the colors?  The snappy French Navy striped sack that Jude is wearing is so unlike most of the pastel-y baby items you come across.  I kind of don't want him to grow out of it, though it won't be anytime soon.
One other brilliant feature is the openings in front and back for threading a car seat or stroller belt into, allowing you to use the sleep sack on the go and not just in the crib.
The opening for the safety belt is hidden under the perpendicular flap of fabric shown above
While the Merino Sleep Sack from Merino Kids is a bit pricey ($119), the quality of this sleep sack is really incredible. And considering that you won't have to buy multiple sacks for all of a baby's size ranges, you really are getting a good deal.  I imagine that the Merino Sleep sack would also fare well with subsequent additions to the family too.
Disclosure: I received a sample Merino Sleep sack from Merino Kids for review purposes. All opinions are my own, of course!


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