Simple Meal: Mushroom Crostini

Some days when my mind is fried, it's nice to throw some stuff in a pan and call it dinner.  Amazingly, this often becomes some of my most inspired cooking.  Such was the case last week when I bought some locally-grown shitake mushrooms and a loaf of homemade bread at our local co-op.

I sauteed a slivered onion and a red pepper,  in olive oil, added a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, and cooked until soft.  Then I added a minced clove of garlic, the mushroom, and baby spinach and sauteed until soft.
While waiting for the mushrooms to cook down, I sliced the bread, stuck it under the broiler, and rubbed with a clove of garlic after it was toasted.
I then topped it with the mushroom mixture and some cheddar cheese
 and stuck it under the broiler again until the cheese was bubbly.
Simple and yummy! I imagine it would be just as good with zucchini or other types of mushrooms.


Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

For something that you just threw together, it looks like a gourmet meal!

My mom is a wiz like that in the kitchen, too-she doesn't quite 'cook' she says more so then throw things together and hope it turns out :)

I'd say she hits it 98% of the time.

Ammie said...

Mmmm. I love crostini. Sweet that your co-op offers homemade bread. :D We are job hunting, and some of our options are in very rural places, so we're imagining a life without co-ops and farmer's markets. The upshot is we'd have our own spacious garden.

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