My Very Happy Birthday Book {Rafflecopter Giveaway}

Having a child with an unusual name has its challenges.  First there are the blank looks or fake "oh, that's nice!" responses when you tell others the name, but then there is the real problem--you will never find that key chain or mug in an amusement park gift shop.

Thankfully, online commerce has mostly solved that problem.  Most recently, I discovered a unique company that not only embraces even the most creative names out there, but will print a birthday book using it.
I See Me creates beautiful personalized books for kids.  My older son, Soren, keeper of that odd name so lovingly chosen by his parents, received a copy of My Very Happy Birthday, which was an appropriate offering in that his birthday was this month.
It's a beautifully-illustrated book, worthy of any Tom, Dick, Harry or Ingrid (a name we were kicking around for Jude if he had been a girl).  It tells a story preparing for your child's birthday, and includes animals and birthday cake, both pluses in our book.
The story is sweet and adds a personal and special touch to any child's birthday.  The quality of the book is high, the colors are vibrant and the images are modern.  I know this will last through many, many birthdays.

You can personalize the book however you'd like, for either a boy or a girl, with a full name or nickname, and even a dedication page.
Now we just need a second copy for Jude!
You can find out more via the I See Me website as well as through their Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts.  And if you tell your friends about I See Me, you'll get a $5 referral credit and your friend will also get $5 off!

One lucky reader will win their own My Very Happy Birthday book!
Enter via Rafflecopter below.  Email me with any problems you may be having.
a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure: I received a My Very Happy Birthday Book for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


Kelly said...

Such a great idea! I've been thinking about ordering one of these for when my little guy turns 1- I love the birthday book!

Brooke said...

Love this book & company! I was just looking for a similar idea for my daughter. Thanks!

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