Sunshine,Fresh Air, Gratitude

As the keeper of two little bodies (and sometimes those of the neighbor kids), I make it a priority to give my boys access to plenty of fresh air and sunshine.  I'll admit I'm a bit obsessed about making sure our curtains are open wide each morning, and windows are thrown open once the weather warms.

We had a great day yesterday, spending much of it outdoors soaking up that Vitamin D and the upper-50 degree temperatures.  I have such a sense of gratitude toward our neighbors and friends who live around us and drop in for playtime.
In some ways, I've been down about living in town, being in close proximity to loud neighbors, the noise, smell and danger of cars, having to shovel our sidewalks within hours of snow fall, and (in our case) having a small yard.  However, it's really paid off now that we have so many kids so close by for impromptu play dates.
We spent the day smiling and joking with the kids, pulling out squirt guns and the sand table, and just enjoying lying in the grass, talking with both the littles and the adults.
It certainly makes life easier for both Chris and I as well as Soren. Our eldest child is a naturally social being, unlike I was at his age, and constantly craves the company of other kids his age.  We are quite grateful that we have the opportunity for him to play with other kids, the way I had plenty of cousins available to run around with when I was a child.  Thanks neighbors!

PS. I am really enjoying the Instamatic photo app for the iPhone (a very generous gift from my parents--thanks mom and dad!).  I had fun snapping some interesting shots of the kids yesterday.


Amy W said...

We've always felt blessed to live on a cul de sac with plenty of other kids for our girls to play with. Although as they get older, they seem to prefer indoor play. (I still try to kick them out of the house as often as possible!!)

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