Baby Everlasting

Though nine months has somehow flown by, I find that Jude has been in perpetual infant-mode.  It feels like he's a forever baby, not changing too much, which allows me to savor his babyhood.
However, as I've mentioned before, it worries me a bit--I mean, he's barely 15lbs!  Such a little peanut, despite his voracious and eager appetite.  His pediatrician seems unconcerned, believing he's just on a lower curve, since he is still riding his curve well in relation to his height.  And we've yet to find a food he doesn't like; he eats nearly everything, beans, rice, fruits, potatoes.  I'm not sure where all those calories are going.

Unlike his brother, Jude is slow to grow, not just in size but in movement.   Well, I'm pleased to say that at 9 1/2 months, Jude is finally crawling!
And by crawling, I really mean dragging himself across the floor.  And that's usually when there's some sort of baby-forbidden object to desire, like my ring.  Don't worry, I don't let him put it in his mouth, nor the battery-operated tea light that has fascinated him as well.

Up until this point, Jude has seemed to be younger than his years--er, months--but now it feels like his baby-ness is slowly receding.
Soon he'll be pulling up on things (he actually is better at standing and holding onto things like our train table than crawling) and walking.  But please, not too soon!  Kid A walked at 9 1/2 months--hard to believe that he was Jude's age and toddling around the house.
What a handful!  But a fun one, at that.  And while poking through the photos, I found Soren wearing the same outfit Jude has on. 
Ah, the beauty and convenience of digital photography, even with my old, crappy camera.  I've certainly come a long way.  Happy weekend friends!


Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I absolutely LOVE the third to the last picture! :) What a little cutie pie!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

He is so cute! I bet it is such fun to watch him scoot around.

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