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While I'm lying in bed at the end of a long day, winding down for sleep, I often flip through a magazine.  Sadly, my mind is too exhausted for books lately, so I have a supply of subscriptions as well as a few magazine issues passed on to me by my dear friend, Shana.

I get the cast-offs of New York magazine, which she and her husband enjoy each month, and I'm always so touched when I come to the crossword puzzle in the back.
It is so sweet to see it (mostly) completed, knowing that they work on this together in bed once the kids are asleep.  The intersection of letters and minds, working together to finish something, even as small as a puzzle, is profound to me.

Chris and I often reflect upon our marriage, and how so much of its success hinges on shared projects, even the most simple ones.  Buying and working on a house, raising children, learning new skills, or even cooking a meal together connects us and brings us closer.

How do you and your special someone connect?


carolpie said...

Exercising together every day (walk almost a mile). Me, mostly talking, LOL, sitting in the office together since he works from home, working on the house together also (repo), helping son and daughter on their homes (repos), having the grandkids over, shopping together all the time,buying British TV series for new things to watch together, and lots of hugs and kisses. We also just got a new puppy because our son is getting married this summer and then it will just be us at home.

Terra H. said...

What a sweet way to bond and spend time together with a spouse! My husband and I don't get a lot of bonding time but we seem to connect and be extra kind to each other every Sunday after church.

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